9-11 Never Forget

Words and photos from Sound Beacher

The skyline of Manhattan forever changed and the new Freedom Tower glowing.

They are dedicating a new memorial here in Greenwich today. The first one is out on Great Captains Island that can only be reached by boat. That ferry only runs at high tide and for a few months. So, we have a new park at the old power station and here is where they’ve put the new 9/11 Memorial.

Up on the crest of the hill that has just been landscaped and a new pathway installed is a glass replica of the twin towers with the Greenwich victims names etched.

Upon closer inspection the replica of a US flag with stars at the top and in the bands are the names of the 9/11 victims.

Thinking of all those who lost their lives.

One thought on “9-11 Never Forget

  1. EOS+SB:
    I actually love this new power plant park.
    Many thanks for your engaging shots.
    I am about to try to take some shots of the memorial lights dans downtown nyc.
    Highly somber.
    The opposite of that great rainbow shot by E!

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