Show Me The Pot of Gold! 

From daughter E, photo taken this morning from her NYC perch. I mean, wow, just wow. She said it was a double rainbow for a moment.   

5 thoughts on “Show Me The Pot of Gold! 

  1. Look at the new Freedom Tower. Bright and shiny as polished sterling silver. Fabulous photo.

    So glad we are getting rain but I hope it doesn’t make your travels tomorrow difficult. It’s hard to drive in rain.

    How was dinner at The Inn in Pound Ridge?

  2. that’s a great picture (must be genetic)!
    not to be cranky or nuthin’, but, keep posting ‘cuz it pushes the Zippy the Pinhead pic further down your picture wall into digital obscurity

  3. Amazing photo indeed
    Tomkins square park ?
    Is she single?
    I know she must be cool
    I’am thinking you would be the best mother in law ever!

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