Ding. Dong. Company Calling.


An upstairs guest room and adjoining bath are good to go now – ironed sheets, new pillows, fresh flowers, bottles of water, local magazines, even a new fan in case the old upstairs a/c isn’t strong enough. I picked a bathroom where the water actually works so all is well.

We have lots of plans the next couple of days because my guests are from Virginia and want me to give them a Bedford tour. I’m always up for that.

The insisted, double insisted even, to take us out to dinner tonight, their treat, so I pondered – do I choose one of the best places in town where they think, whoa, we offered to treat, but not this much, or do I choose a modest place and have them say, gee, they couldn’t find anything nicer than this???

In any event, I’ll be out of the blogging loop until I reappear Friday afternoon in Boone North Carolina. Right after company leaves Thursday afternoon, I’ll finish packing, load up the old jalopy, and plan to be on the road by 5am Friday morning. Ta ta til then.

8 thoughts on “Ding. Dong. Company Calling.

  1. Enjoy your company this week. The flowers are a perfect touch. Very thoughtful of you to have running water for your guests. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. As for dinner tonight, choose your favorite place and don’t worry about it- unless it’s one of those $250 a plate tasting meal kind of place- which I’m sure it isn’t.
    See you in Boone. Drive safely and all that.

    1. Ha ha. Once was enough for me at the Bedford Post Inn. Pretentious staff. Customers are often totally bitchy Bedford horsey set and lots of women in LuluLemons. No thank you.

  2. It’s to hot to go La Cremaillere. Also probably most expensive joint in Bedford.
    I’d go to Truck. Perfect warm weather faire.
    Also your guest bedside shot looks most welcoming. Lucky guests.

    1. We’re going to The Inn at Pound Ridge. The new Jean Georges place. We’ve been there four or five times, lunch, dinner, and brunch. Not one clunker. Lots of locals.

      Truck is too loud for me. I like to hear what people at my table say.

  3. My first choice was actually Emily Shaw’s, reincarnated as Inn at PR., and thought it might be too much of a hike. It was always a great experience at Emily Shaw’s!
    Have a great time with your guests, AND a a fun road trip!

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