Soooo, I’m Laboring on This Day…

Caulking a few spots in one of the upstairs baths. No problem getting the tube of caulk IN the holder.

But how the hell does the tube come OUT of the holder???

I keep unscrewing the handle but the tube seems stuck at the base of the holder. I can make the tip move by pushing back the foonzie above the spring inside the holder, but it still doesn’t release the tube completely.


It shouldn’t be so vexing, should it? What am I doing wrong?? (About the caulk tube holder only!! )


7 thoughts on “Soooo, I’m Laboring on This Day…

  1. The end of the handle has a C to it. Turn the C down, pull the handle back as far as you can, putting some beef into it, and pull the tube of caulk out at the same time. There’s a plate at the end of the gun that goes into the bottom of the tube and releasing it is critical to getting the tube out of the holder. The key is the long handle.

    1. Ok. I’ll give it a whirl. I THOUGHT I put beef into it but I did not know the position of the end of the handle had any bearing on the tube coming out.

  2. I don’t bother with the tubes of caulk that require a gun. I buy the soft tubes that are more like toothpaste and can be used up in one repair. No matter how well I close up an opened caulk tube it dries out or hardens to the degree the tube is no longer usable.

  3. Two words: Flex Shot.

    Available at Target and some independent hardware stores. You’ll never use a caulk tube again.

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