While I’m Eating This


My mind is thinking this:

As an update to my FitBit goals and losing weight, I have been so good I can’t even believe it. No thank you has become my new middle name instead of pass another slice.

My daily target is just around 1000 calories a day which I diligently keep track of. My walking target is 10,000 steps a day and I am easily getting to 7-8000 steps a day, a good portion on the treadmill and going up and down stairs preparing the guests rooms for company. The FitBit logs stairs as well as steps.

I’ve lost a full ten pounds already. I notice it, but yesterday with a gaggle of friends, no one said a thing. I guess that means it’s only noticeable to me, OR that people don’t want to say something like hey tubby, you finally losing weight? ๐Ÿ™‚ The quickest way to tell you still need to lose weight is to have a iPhone Facetime or by accident, have the phone camera facing in, not out. Sh**, that’s scary stuff!!

In any event, I haven’t had a morsel of chocolate or anything sweet for that matter in weeks. Barely bread either. Once I get to a certain level of weight loss, I’ll slowly add in now-forbidden items so I’m not living a life of being deprived (note, I said deprived, not depraved).

The test of will is when I am on the road for almost three weeks in and around North Carolina, staying at hotels when not using my family-friends cabin in Lake Lure. I will have to have some NC BBQ, won’t I? You all can be my bugs in the ear, as I post, you can make sure I’m eating healthily.

Time to go for a long walk, but not off a short pier.

Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weekend weather.

12 thoughts on “While I’m Eating This

    1. I swear Chris, if you day job isn’t finding YT videos or crack-up photos, you missed your calling.
      I had to come in from the sunshine to see the video again for all its hilarity. A++++++++++

      1. You think Chris has a day job? I’m not sure. I don’t think he’s old enough to be retired in the age sense but he’s from California so he could be a retired billionaire IT guy. He has a very sharp wit and finds just the right clips. Hats off.

        EOS, great losing ten pounds. As for others not noticing, I wouldn’t be apt to say anything to you either.

      2. naw, i’m just a regular 9-5 schlub, but, with adult onset ADHD, i can’t sit still for tv or a movie, so, i’ll just zip through 5 or 10 YT videos and one can’t help to come across gold now and again.

  1. Hey, EOSr, you’re looking terrific these days. Something’s different. Different hairstyle? New lipstick? I get it. You’re thinner! Yup. That’s it. Good for you! If you can resist a blueberry pie you’re a better woman than I am.
    Perhaps I should look for my old fitbit and join the fun.

    1. What a good friend you are. Better than that friend of yours who GAVE you the Fitbit!!!

      Fortunately the pie is virtual. There’s none here. I can guarantee you Mr. EOS is enjoying weekly blueberry pies now that his sister, the baker of terrific pies, has moved next door!!

  2. If you eat at restaurants along the way, Chick-Fil-A has great heathy chicken sandwiches. Eat half the bun, don’t have fries, and have water not soda. I traveled a lot for work and I’d find a market and buy a prepared salad before going back to my room. You’ll be fine.

    1. Jane is right. You can still eat healthily on the road. Eat your meal at lunch then have a salad or something light for dinner.

      Can you bring a cooler in the car so when you see a market you can stop and be prepared for dinner?

      1. I doubt I’ll bring a cooler. I thought about buying one that plugs in the car but the reviews say the cords overheat and fry the outlet. Everyplace I’m going I’m there for a minimum two nights, the lake seven nights, I have the car so getting to any market at the end of the day is doable.

  3. Being the perpetual pudgepot that I am, I tend to notice when people have lost weight, and I used to compliment them accordingly. That is, until I complimented someone I’d known forever, but didn’t see very often, on how slim she had become, and learned that she had recently been diagnosed with a serious chronic digestive disease. Then I had I to learn the lesson a second time, when I complimented someone on her new hairstyle, and was informed that it was a wig, she was undergoing chemo.

    So now I just say, when I mean it, “wow, you look terrific.”

    Next time you get a compliment on your looks, say (if you want to) “Thanks! I’ve been working on losing weight and have lost xx pounds.” A discussion on the topic may or may not ensue, but you will be pleased you were noticed, and the other person will be pleased to learn they haven’t committed a massive faux pas.

    Some people might refrain from compliments because they’ve had embarrassing experiences such as mine. Others will refrain from compliments because they possess a weird, nasty, zero-sum-game mentality in virtually all aspects of life; as in, telling someone “you look good!” = saying “you look better than I do .” Last time I checked, certain zip codes are prone to this mentality, and you’re in one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It might be interesting to put on an anthropology set of lenses, and look at people’s reactions that way, rather than personally. If nothing else, probably lots of blog material!

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