Who Ya Gonna Call, Updated….


Probably NOBODY on the Friday of Labor Day. With company coming early next week for a couple of days, I’m trying to put together a guest room and one of the upstairs baths – you know, new magazines, new sample size bottles of shampoo and body wash stolen from hotels, ironed sheets, clean glass, bottle of water, flowers, kleenex, scrubbed tub – the whole ten yards.

Only one glitch………

That is the extent of the water pressure in the tub. The sink is fine but the shower head and the tub faucet, well, let’s just say it might take a long time to get clean with two drips at a time.

I have two choices. Move the company to another guest room and bath upstairs, meaning starting all over (ugh), or trying to self-diagnose the plumbing problem.

This bathroom is on the FIRST to destruct list when the upstairs of the house is renovated, but for now, it lives in all its sorry glory, to be used only for guests and children coming home for a night or two. The kids don’t complain because they usually get a home cooked meal to make up for the lousy shower pressure, but company, I’m not sure I can say with a straight face just an old house with old plumbing!

Alas, as good as I am, I have decided this is over my pay grade. I took down two shelves of the linen closet, laden with sheets and towels, so no easy trick, to see the access panel.

Therein, pipes. πŸ™‚

To Swanton’s suggestion, I took off the shower head, no problem there and it’s a relatively new shower head so no corrosion either. I can’t figure out how to, or if I really want to, take off the tub faucet, so I will close the panel back up, start all over with another guest room and bathroom, scratch off the other things I had on my to-do list for today and bang my head slowly on the floor.

I couldn’t find the buzzer for the super.

20 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Call, Updated….

  1. So who ARE you gonna call???

    Can you access the pipes to see if the tub faucet has a blockage of some kind? If you say the sink works then the problem is in the tub pipes.

  2. Does it have one of those pressure balancing faucets, you know the type that keep the temperature the same if someone is, say for instance, using a washing machine? If so, your problem may be in there. I doubt it has anything to do with the pipes.

    1. This faucet is circa last millennium AJ. I doubt it balances anything. I’m thinking there’s a filter before the faucet that’s clogged with silt. I just have to access the pipes which means taking down the shelves in the hallway linen closet behind the shower wall, open the secret panel, and say the secret word. I’m guaranteeing you after I do all that, the word won’t be much of a secret!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. I am guessing the former master bedroom is now reserved for guests. Large, en suite, private.
    Unless you have a plumber in the family or are able to solve the pressure problem yourself, plan to put your guests in another room next week. OK to tell them why. It’s also okay to give them the nice room and tell them to shower in the shower with good pressure.
    If you do get a plumber today, he may be able to solve the problem quickly. He may solve the problem but not quickly and you’re left with a torn up wall and a big bill. He may need to come back next week anyway.
    Call a plumber, explain the situation and take it from there. But first, remove the shower head and see if it is clogged. Keeping fingers crossed that’s the problem. Forget the tub spout for now.

  4. Do you want John to come over? Seriously, he will. He’s a finance guy but he’s pretty handy around the house.

    What does Mr. EOS say to do?

    1. He says move the guests. Deal with it later. He thinks it has to do with all the pipes that got moved for the downstairs renovation. There was a heck of a lot of major plumbing to remove the old front staircase, open the wall, cut out the old cast iron septic pipe, reroute lines to make the new half bath, AND make all new lines for the new master bath. I was never a fan of the builder’s plumber and he hated that I’d correct him or say he might be wrong. He likely said to himself, f.u. lady, then for retribution, gave me the Complaining Homeowner’s Special, pipes that are all screwed up.

      PS: Very nice offer to send over your husband. Appreciate it!!

    1. Okay. By my calculations, if you leave California at 10am Pacific Time, you’ll arrive in NY in time for dinner. I’ll have BBQ chicken and an Allen wrench ready. Thank you in advance!

  5. Is the problem with both the hot and cold water. How does the faucet work if you use cold or hot only. Also, is there another set of valves between the set we see and the main coming into the house?

    A statement of the obvious: the problem is before the valves in the picture or after them (tub and shower head). If you can isolate the problem, it makes the diagnosis easier.

  6. I had the exact same problem 2 weeks ago. You may be in luck if you’ve got a Moen faucet & shower head. The plumber says he sees this all the time & always had 6-8 replacement cartridges with him. Quick, easy & reasonably cheap fix – $114 SC prices but probably a little more in your zip code, PITA

  7. Do I recall some years back your well was sucking mica and stone fragments? I remember a photo of the trap filled with mineral sediments. If so, those have plugged up some restrictor water-saving sieve.

    1. Yes, you recall correctly. But this is the only faucet/water problem in the whole house, today. When the whole house filter gets clogged, it affects all the pipes. For it to be just one, it has to be another problem.

  8. I clogged a Kitchen sink one Thanksgiving in CA and found Roter Rooter was staffed to army size on this holiday. They came and rootered thru the roof air vent and cleared the clog.

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