I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Staying PUT This Weekend


I’ve so been there done that getting stuck on the Merritt that I’m hanging around Bedford this long weekend, seemingly the only one with that choice since my road, which is normally quiet anyway, has not seen a car go by in days.

Bedford Village is a ghost town – I could have had any one of a dozen parking spots near the post office this morning.

Are you home or heading to the beach? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’ll blog in case you are home and are bored hanging around family too much but I can’t promise earth-shattering post topics. I did hear a rumor that Giselle and Tom are having marital problems. Ask me, no two pretty people can stay together forever unless every room has a mirror that says “no, YOU’RE the fairest in the land“.

17 thoughts on “I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Staying PUT This Weekend

  1. Home too.

    Hey question for your smart readers: I saw a NY plate on a blacked out Suburban today

    Single digit 7
    Said underneath: Naval Operations

    Pentagon dude?

    1. HEY, I saw that Suburban too!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact I wanted to take a photo of the plate and post it but I was in a hurry. A GOOD blogger would have had the camera in hand.

      I’m guessing he was/is some former government employee.

    1. Anyone who believes Perez Hilton needs to have their head examined but ya know what, he found a market for himself, went for it, is “successful”, so I can’t begrudge him. It’s the American way to blog about stars!!! Not to contradict Perez, but I don’t see the duo lasting.

    1. Took my kids last year (ages 9 and 11) and they had a blast. We were there for Celtic day, men in kilts and lots of manly man events. It gets hard to walk around the fair when temps are as high so be prepared for events not happening because the horses and participants in heavy attire need a break.

      NB: Walgreens sells discount tickets. The faire website has a link to all participating Walgreens.

  2. We will be on the highway. We have a family wedding to go to in Massachusetts and the hotel is in New Hampshire, so we’ll be crossing more state lines. Hope to hit the highway early and drive back on Sunday night so maybe we’ll avoid the worst of the traffic.

  3. Preparing to move. Downsizing from just under 3,000 sf. to 1,300. I am not one to hold on to things & thought I’d done a pretty good job over the years of keeping the house uncluttered & pared down to only those things I use regularly but MY GOD – the stuff!!!! I’ve been making daily visits to the dump, consignment shops & dropping donations off at the local cancer thrift shop. I lived on a boat for a long time & know we really don’t need much when it comes right to it. I’m shipping a lot of furniture from SC to Ct. for my kids who have just bought a too big house. My advice to those at home this long weekend & looking for something to do is to start getting rid of anything you haven’t used or looked at in a year, Seriously. This is no f—— fun! And don’t forget the garage!

    1. This is a constant discussion in our family. I am serious NON-keeper (hard hearted Hannah, I guess) and Mr. EOS is a BIG keeper.The Bedford house is sparse, things donated and given to kids all the time. RI, on the other hand, I’ll take the Clinton aide Pagliano’s road and plead the fifth.

      I envy you the move once its done, much neater cleaner space and downsizing is less to clean. And with kids who have too big a house, you have the best of both worlds!

      Keep gin handy! 🙂

  4. We moved from a house where we lived for 30 odd years to a property held in the family even longer. Tore that one down and built anew. Then, we sold a vacation place we had for 25 years. Talk about stuff! Even after all that downsizing, we still have too much stuff. And, the kids left stuff. We married as orphans and had generations of stuff. It’s a Yankee thing to keep stuff. Never know when it might be needed.
    We are staying close to home – and our stuff- this weekend. Lots of parties to celebrate the season’s end. In our little town where there are boats and beaches people tend to stay put in summer. September is my favorite month here. Crispy nights and clear days.
    Sound Beacher- Oh, boy. the MA/NH border isn’t for amateurs this weekend. Why do people get married on holiday weekends? Very expensive for guests as hotels are fully booked. Traffic stinks. Airfares are high. That said, I hope you have a blast with fabulous food, great music and terrific company.

    1. All kids leave stuff. That’s their birthright. I finally threw away suitcases full of stuff put in the garage attic by one who graduated from college in 2008. Dumpster city. Bye bye. I’ve even tried to consign some decent brown furniture but it’s out of fashion now so much of it sits in a paid storage facility until I get sick of paying that bill and call Goodwill. Even Goodwill doesn’t want certain things.

      Mr. EOS will tell you, thank you very much, that so much of what he saved from the Bedford renovations has been put to GOOD use in RI. I have no authority to throw anything away in RI, not even a nail or a screw, because it could be just the one things he needed.

  5. regrettably, we’re in the road, to a wedding in DC. Agree with Swanton- WHY ON EARTH DO PEOPLE GET MARRIED ON HOLIDAY WEEKENDS?????

    Five hours each way in no traffic. Just shoot me now.

    EOS, how could you not possibly be in RI now? Isn’t it too hot in NY?

    Stay safe everyone.

    1. There’s no room at the inn of RI. The carriage house isn’t done. The rental has paying guests. Even my niece’s house is full. When I am in RI, Mr. EOS doesn’t get as much constructing done and he’s trying to finish before (fill in the blank).

  6. Sorry about the bathtub.
    Everyone has a plumbing/bathroom problem or issue to address.
    I am certain your guests will be super happy chez eos!
    My plans:
    Friday: Do a 20+ mile Citibike 2.0 ride up and down the Hudson River bike path. DONE
    Saturday: go watch Taxi Driver at Museum of Moving Image at 2pm, then try to get through King of Comedy that starts at 4:30.
    Then dinner at Kaufman Studios restaurant.
    Sunday: boating and bbq.
    Monday: depends on weather.
    Tuesday: install new grey bathroom tile floor. Boring and painstaking multi step process.
    Hope everyone has fun and sunny weekend!

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