How About Mount Trump?


Our esteemed president is flying to Alaska today where he will announce renaming Mt. McKinley to Denali, in a gesture to the Native Alaskan name.

From the WSJ:

Generally believed to be central to the Athabaskan creation story, Denali is a site of significant cultural importance to many Alaska natives,” the White House said in a written statement. The change was announced on the eve of President Barack Obama’s visit to Alaska.

I don’t have a problem with the mountain going back to being Denali – it seems fitting to me, and the locals call it Denali anyway to match the name of the national park, but I DO have a problem with Obama making this a hollow gesture on his trip to talk about Climate Change.

The renaming is not permanent. Interior Secretary Jewel said the order could be rescinded by Ms. Jewell’s successor, in other words, the next president can decide to call it Mount Yo Mamma. I happen to like the suggestion of a WSJ commenter B. Goeddel:

Well in a few years, a Republican president can rename the largest US landfill Obama. Fair is fair.

As for Obama flying to Alaska to talk about Climate Change, one has to wonder if he’ll take the two-bagger flight in a single engine plane to the top of Denali and walk across the GLACIER that ain’t going anywhere soon. I’m thinking he’ll skip that event.



11 thoughts on “How About Mount Trump?

  1. If you think about it, Obama is slowly erasing all Republicans from named things. He’s wants to remove Hamilton from the $10 bill, and now goodbye McKinley.

    Personally, I prefer Denali and I hope it stays put. I’m not a fan of renaming things for politicians – the worst offense if renaming the Triboro Bridge after RFK. What do you think the Kennedy family had to pay for that oozing homage? I’m sure Caroline ponied up the cash quietly.

    We didn’t make it as far west as Alaska this summer because friends told us it should be a vacation unto itself. You’ve been. Would you agree?

    1. Agree that Denali is the fitting and proper name for the mountain. This is one of the few times I am in sync with Obama’s decree. But it is interesting that he plans to direct such a change today, knowing it’s not permanent, so it’s a photo op, a distraction. In his “tour” of Alaska, will he walk about the pipeline to see that the wildlife can and does survive and thrive, despite Obama’s claims that pipelines destroy? Is Michelle joining him?

      Never been to Alaska Catherine so I can’t answer your question.

    2. Just came back from a week in Alaska and it was awesome! The fresh seafood is worth the trip itself.

      The only problem is that the state is so big and the logistics of getting places so time consuming that you can’t do everything you would reasonably like to in one trip. I can say that Seward, Alaska is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, at least in the summer and when the weather was good, as on our trip.

      I would definitely go back, and next trip would head north from Anchorage to Denali. Everyone else we know that has been to Alaska took a cruise, but I think you learn so much more from boots on the ground and having the chance to talk to the locals, who are a very interesting and self-selecting group of people.

      1. Lucky you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve been to Alaska as a family, taking about three+ weeks to mosey, boots on the ground, around the entire state. Up to Barrow, awesome to stand at the tippy top! We had plans to fly from Barrow to Prudhoe Bay but we got a call that the one and only hotel there gives priority to pipeline engineers and our rooms were being taken. We had to change our itinerary on the fly, which made it even more fun – so we headed left, to a teeny town of Kotzebue, where the mosquitoes were the size of bald eagles! We hopped all over Alaska – I’d say my favorite spot was Homer. The kids favorite was the single engine plane onto the Denali glacier. Wow, just wow. Agree that a cruise is like getting the t-shirt and not really sampling all that Alaska offers.

        1. Kotzebue is on POTUS itinerary.
          And on Wednesday, @POTUS visits Dillingham and Kotzebue in Alaska to hear climate change concerns from residents.

          What a coincidence.

  2. My favorite Alaskan adventure was salmon fishing. We stayed at a resort called Talon Lodge in Sitka and fished until our arms were sore, then ate what we caught. As Riverside Dog Walker said, the seafood in Alaska is incomparable and depending on what time of year you go, the Alaskan King Crab would be all you ever want to eat, with a side of salmon.

    1. We went salmon fishing too and didn’t catch a thing. The fishing boat captain was so distraught, he gave us his card and said next time we were in town, the charter was on him!

  3. Speaking of Trump, did you see his gawd-awful rambling speech in Massachusetts over the weekend? What was it all about? I don’t think he put two sentences together that made sense and went into a tizzy about Huma. The guy has got to focus if he plans to be serious.

    If Trump were to name Denali for himself, I’d be afraid he’s build a hotel or condos. Killer views though but not close to trans.

  4. Denali is a great name but McKinley is the one on maps, tourist info, ads, signs, GPS, photographs, businesses, etc.. I can’t imagine the costs associated with the name change. There’s money to be made here.
    My worry is the Presidential Range in NH. Are the names of those mountains safe?

    1. I read some discussion today about how the name change isn’t legal in terms of maps, ads, signs, etc. Denali might only be its Name for name sake. Look how many maps and signs still say Triboro Bridge.
      Mount Washington, doomed? Never. What would all the people with stickers on their car This car Climbed Mount Washington”?!

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