Has it Really Been Sixteen Years?


Doesn’t seem possible that it was back in 1999 that Diana died in a horrible Paris car crash. Seems like yesterday. As fake as her marriage was to Charles, they did produce two amazing sons who seem to have their act together and are living productive (albeit royal) lives.

I always wondered if Diana was planning on marrying Dodi Fayed, to have her own Aristotle Onassis to sweep her away, just as Jackie wanted. I can understand that. I only wanted her to marry someone who would treat her well but she never got that chance.


17 thoughts on “Has it Really Been Sixteen Years?

  1. I adored Diana and thought she was the epitome of grace and dignity, not to mention beauty. She led a tortured life though, never happy as she saw that Charles only ever wanted Camilla. Go figure. The paparazzi really unglued her, literally.

  2. She was so beautiful. The fact that she dated Dodi Fayed, though, made me question her mental state. He was a slimy character. I know because he asked me out. (I said no). She could have done so much better. Sad, sad, sad

    1. Dodi struck me as a slimeball too so it’s nice to hear first hand knowledge of that fact. Good for you to say no.
      I think Diana’s mental state showed a woman always on edge, looking for a way out. As I said in the post, I think she saw Dodi as her way out.

      1. I think you’re right. He was wealthy and prominent enough that he understood her and the problems she likely had as a Princess. He was shooting F/X on location in NYC when I met him. He had a tent instead of a trailer, where he would go to do whatever – relax, maybe look at dailies. His “people” cornered me on the street because he’d seen me and wanted me to come in the tent. ICK!!!!! So, really, I wonder, couldn’t Diana see that part of his personality? There had to be other wealthy, maybe titled, men she could have dated. I think maybe she was rebelling. Dodi was not a choice that the Queen would have been thrilled about.

        1. Cool story!!!!! You’re the only person I know who was summoned into Dodi’s tent!! I’m impressed.

          All of the above why she dated Dodi. Rebellion probably secondary to her need to be taken away on a white horse to some remote island to be out of the limelight. I can’t imagine she loved Dodi one ounce. And she thought so little of herself, I’m sure she couldn’t imagine any titled wealthy man would want her, let alone marry her. She had zero self esteem. I’m glad her children got huge doses of self-esteem. They are both incredible.

        2. Haha! I was just another blonde in NYC in the 80’s. But I guess it is cool that I happened to be walking by that shoot at that particular moment.(to make the story even creepier it was dark – about 11pm at night, when I was summoned) I completely agree with you EOSr – William and Harry are lovely, grounded young men. Now you have me thinking about my other creepy encounters of the 80’s. The time that Peter Cook (who later married Christie Brinkley and I think was a creep) asked me out. Or, how about this one: When John Gotti asked me out (I was a coat check girl for a while) and I replied “uh, uh, no, um, thank you SO MUCH but I am, uh, uh…….. engaged!” (a lie) and then, THEN!! his son who was right behind the wife who was RIGHT behind John Gotti when he asked me out (ick) , the SON asked me out. The lie was easier then! I got asked out by such quality men! Thank goodness I found a good guy in the 90’s πŸ™‚

        3. When does your made for TV movie come out, or your autobiography? Your kids must love listening to stories of their hot mom. But they probably have never heard of Peter Cook or Dodi Fayed but thanks to reality TV, the Gotti family name is alive and well, regrettably.

        4. Absolutely EOSr. The kid has never heard of Fayed or Cook. I had a colorful 20’s/30’s. Then there was Prince Albert – forgot to mention him. Funny thing is… I was at a party in OG – a birthday party for another OG mom turning 40 (much younger than I) and her husband put up photos of Prince Albert as a former boyfriend! Small world….I wonder if there are other Greenwich women out there have dated Albert?

        5. There has to be a Prince Albert in a Can joke in your story. Just think, had you said yes to Albert, you’d be my only blog reader from Monaco. Great stories all.
          No one famous asked me into a tent. As a matter of fact, no one has asked me into any tent.

        6. PS: I did say yes to PA. He took me to some fun events and I got to experience all of that media frenzy. I still have the clippings from the newspapers and magazines. The funniest one of all though is a magazine article that came out in Germany in the German version of the National Enquirer. It is a story about Prince Albert and “the girl he is probably going to marry”. There is a photo taken with a telephoto lens of Albert and a topless (!!) girl on a boat in the Mediterranean and the girl is named as me since I was the last girl seen with him. And it is most definitely NOT ME since I have never been on a boat (or topless!!) in that sea! But I didn’t complain. She looked good and was much skinnier than I am πŸ™‚

        7. Good grief Anonymous, how much fun that must have been. I always thought PA was gay, despite photos of him with topless models. However, I see he fathered two or three illegitimate children as well as the twins he has with his wife, who by the way, looks like the unhappiest woman on the planet. I read she almost bailed on the wedding a couple of days before.

          Anyone else are you not telling us about? JFK junior? Prince Charles?

        8. I have sometimes thought the same thing EOSr, that Albert seems a little effeminate. Except I know differently. He is actually rather shy and used to have a bad stutter so I think that’s why he seems different. Or, maybe he likes both – possible I think. And right you are – babies with different women on different continents including Africa! Charlene looks very very unhappy to meand when I have seen her speak or just seen her on video she looks drugged or something to me. Sad. Oh, Yes! JFK -yes, but i only met him at a party and he told me I look like a blonde Julia Roberts. He was really handsome, not dumb but not super smart either. Nice guy. As for Prince Charles, now you are going to think I am a troll of some sort instead of a regular reader/huge EOSr and CF fan, not using my regular handle the past few days/weeks…but
          I sang in a choir in London while I was at the London School of Economics. The Bach Choir. We sang the Messiah at Royal Albert Hall and a few other wonderful amazing classical pieces at various concerts. Prince Charles was in the choir! The Bach Choir was invited to sing at the Royal wedding in 1981 (and they did) but I was already back at college in America with, alas, no money for a plane ticket back and parents who thought it was ridiculous to go so far to sing at a dumb wedding…. Sigh – that would have been incredible to be at that wedding!!! Thanks for letting me go down memory lane EOSr. I am now a very happy, boring Greenwich wife/mom but it is fun to look back!

        9. That’s one hell of a memory lane friend!!!!! And I am 1000000000% positive you are anything but boring! Happy yes.
          Sigh to have missed singing at THE wedding of the century. Couldn’t you have just called Albert or JFKjr to ask for some cash for the plane fare????

        10. Thank you EOSr. Hey – I have a gardening question: We moved into our house about 9 months ago and there was a lovely sweet pea plant growing inside of a wire cage that the prior homeowner probably set up to keep the plant from being eaten by some critter. About two or three months ago a tomato plant started growing and growing. No sweet pea anywhere to be found (maybe it is an annual?). We have the hugest tomato plant ever growing now with so many green cherry tomatos and it is spilling over onto the porch. I am new to home ownership and gardening. Could this tomato plant have come from some seed that blew in? I didn’t plant it!!

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