White and Straight? The New York Times Is Not For You.

I finally finally finally pulled the plug on my New York Times subscription. Today is the last day I’ll receive a copy of that rag. I went from a home delivery seven days to The Weekender to Sunday only to WTF!

This is a question from an actual NYT survey to me. I stopped the questionnaire there.

The Times is hell-bent on making me feel guilty that I’m white and straight. I’ve said it here a million times – I do not care what your sexual preference is, I do not care what the color of your skin is but I DO care when the New York Times makes it their entire agenda to tell me over and over that blacks can’t be racist or that a transgender judge rates a front page story. Is she going to make better decisions than a gay or straight judge. A judge should make his/her decision based on the facts of the case. Or am I wrong here?

Today’s front page story:

Phyllis Randolph Frye, the nation's first openly transgender judge, in her office in Houston last month. In her private practice, she devotes herself to transgender clients. Credit Brandon Thibodeaux for The New York Times
Phyllis Randolph Frye, the nation’s first openly transgender judge, in her office in Houston last month. In her private practice, she devotes herself to transgender clients. Credit Brandon Thibodeaux for The New York Times

The article says the judge devotes herself to transgender clients so I have to assume when she presides over a case that includes a transgender defendant, it’s a given the transgender client will win the case, no matter of he/she was in the right or wrong. How can a judge be so blatant in her agenda?

Back to the Times – they change headlines after the Clinton’s squawk. Almost every article is an editorial now, not actual reporting of the news. The spate of Katrina articles lately are to a one about the blacks in New Orleans and how THEY are faring, or not. New Orleans, last I checked, has a very diverse population but the Times would have its readers believe only the black residents count, post-Katrina. The Times covered ad nauseam Obama flying into New Orleans last week but when George Bush also arrived, who covered that story? If the Times did, it was in the third section.

The weddings section is another way the Times is showing its agenda. I’d be curious to ask their Styles editor: what IS the correct balance allowed of straight marriages to gay marriages? Must it be 50-50? What if more straight couples married in a given weekend? Would their announcements not make it in the paper because there weren’t enough gay marriages?

The list is endless of the ways the Times so poorly covers stories. I want to read the facts, just the facts ma’am, then come to my own conclusion or have a good discussion with my family about the merits of an article. The Times wants to tell me how I should feel. No thanks.

So, that’s it. The Wall Street Journal and I are very happy together. I don’t even think I’ll miss the NYT puzzle.

15 thoughts on “White and Straight? The New York Times Is Not For You.

    1. Long story short re the blog: someone flagged the blog as offensive to WordPress but WP contacted that blogger and it was an innocent mistake. WP found nothing in my blog that would merit being pulled.

  1. I have noted on the FWIW blog, that I refuse to buy the paper or even read it. The Old Grey Lady needs to die. And this such a shame because many years ago, I was a faithful reader. If we stop supporting this paper one by one, it will eventually go under.

    Regarding your blog, It is likely that some liberal voice, probably someone who reads the Times every day, decided they didn’t like a conservative voice and reached out to Word Press. And as liberals do, they do their best to silence any voice they do not agree with.

    1. I bet most of us were faithful readers of the Times. The last year has been particularly heavy on the white guilt agenda to the degree that when I was asked on the phone why I was canceling, I said point blank that I was tired of being told I was bad for being white. I love hearing opposing views. It keeps me on my political toes but the Times doesn’t print their views, they print their agenda. Big difference.

      As for the blog, I didn’t ask nor do I want to know who flagged my blog. I’ll take WP’s word that it was not on purpose. And if it was on purpose, it’s not someone I’d want to know.

      1. Hillary said that putting her email on a private server wasn’t intentionally circumventing government laws, and I believe her too.

        After the NYT, CNN is next. Also, did your blog go down after you cancelled your subscription?

        1. Ha! I never thought about the correlation of the blog going down and the NYT cancellation. Hmmmm.

          CNN has no right to be on the airwaves. Chris Cuomo, om my goodness, the man is a serious idiot.

  2. Don’t fret about missing the puzzle, go to the bookstore and buy a book. My father, who would be 99 if he was still alive, loved the NYT puzzles. I bought him a book or two of puzzles by Margaret Farrar, of NYT fame, because he always wanted to do more. For a man who never graduated high school the books were erased many times over. I was so proud of him.

    1. That’s awesome about your father!! I mean, good for the brain to retrieve answers. Bravo. I have in my bookshelves a NYT magazine entitled 100 years of NYT Puzzles. I’m saving it for my senior years!

  3. Good for you EOSr. I have noticed that over the years the WSJ has continually added more lifestyle articles/sections which I suspect is to please the ex-NYT subscribers. It’s getting better and better as a result. I will read the book review if at my parent’s house but otherwise the NYTimes makes me so mad I can’t pick it up. I’d be spending my life writing letter’s to the editor. Their reporting is SO anti-Israel, SO progressive-agenda-minded. I have personal experience with the editor pulling an entire investigative piece on a democrat candidate… simply to protect the electability of said candidate. (Candidate was elected 2 weeks later). It’s an evil paper and what bugs me the most is the number of people I neet who say “the New York times said…. blah blah blah.” They have tremendous credibility with so many people.

  4. Like most of your readers I grew up with the NYT. The Sunday editions had to be reserved or would be sold old quickly. Will Weng edited the crosswords. The Book Review had me running to local bookstores, back when we had local bookstores.
    I cannot count the years since I last bought a NYT, daily or Sunday. I got tired of reading the corrections. My library will make a copy of the Sunday puzzle if one wants to solve it.
    However, I can read the paper on my iPad compliments of a friend with a subscription which includes guest access. I hardly ever do.

    1. All you said is so true. I can remember summers RUNNING to the local deli to see the freshly stacked Times. One if the boys worked for a local market stuffing sections before the mobs showed up.
      The ONLY thing I’ll miss is writing snarky comments on typical race baiting articles. I got most of them approved, shockingly, and was interested to see how many readers took issue with the Times horrible tone. It was most definitely an increase in anti-NYT positions.

  5. Isn’t Pinch white and straight? Does he feel guilty for being white and straight? I haven’t read the Times for over a decade save for some specific pieces – such as my father’s obit – that are of particular interest to me. They are almost always sent to me by others.

    What’s really weird is the insularity of the editorial board. It’s as if they genuinely believe that everybody who lives outside the 22.7 Square Miles of Manhattan Island thinks like everybody living on it. Just completely bizarre. Also, there is an irony that apparently escapes the board: while its focus on cultural diversity is admirable, its concurrent obsession with choking off any diversity in political expression beyond its juvenile obsession with Progressivism/Socialism/Marxism is what is actually KILLING the paper.

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