Hey, Who Needs Culture?


As it turned out, the tour of Val-Kill was a total snooze fest, a dud, with a lecture on civil rights thrown in for free, that I WISH these bowling lanes had been open for all the effort we made to get to Hyde Park.

The GOOD news is that the HoeBowl is under reconstruction and every sign indicates it will return, same name. I’m there! But not as a hoe! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Hey, Who Needs Culture?

      1. Been named that forever. My father bowled there in his leagues and in Dutchess County tournaments. Their logo used to be a “hobo” with the 5 o’clock shadow and the stick and bandana bundle. Their “headquarters” property in Poughkeepsie was the “Mardi-Bob” lanes. Self-named by the owners.

        1. I had friends on Martha’s Vineyard whose last name was Hoar. Very prominent old New England name of which they were very proud. I guess if your last name is Hoe or Hoar, you quickly grow a pair and have a strong backbone. Or take judo.

  1. The Hoe family has been a bowling lane fixture in Poughkeepsie since the 50s. There’s a HoeBowl still open in Poughkeepsie. The one you passed in Hyde Park closed more than a decade ago. At one point it was supposed to become a senior housing facility but that was a couple of years ago.

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