Road Trip!!


Come mid-September we’re taking off for a fun road trip through and around North Carolina. Some pre-determined stops are Lake Lure, to freeload off my Iowa family who has a cabin there, and Charlotte to drop in on an arm of the family we’ve never seen on their turf.

Otherwise, we’re game for ideas. Places you’ve been. Coastal. Inland. Fun B&B’s or resorts that aren’t $$$$$$. Tell us your sightseeing musts. Food musts. We want to hear it all.

We haven’t even decided which direction our North Carolina driving loop will take us and maybe that will depend on the ideas you all have.

Me, I’m thinking real estate and ordering furniture. Mr. EOS is thinking golf. Grandfather Mountain. Pinehurst.

Want to come along??

21 thoughts on “Road Trip!!

  1. Mid Pines & Pin Needles – 2 great golf courses across the street from each other – owned & run by the children of Peggy Kirk Bell. Pinehurst is just down the street & a lovely place to spend the day for a non golfer.

  2. AirBNB. We got ourselves a small apartment in St. Germain for three days, close to Bon Marche, for a 3 night stay at the price of 1.2 nights in a mid grade hotel in Parigi. Will report back after our stay which remains sometime from now.

    1. Ha! I used to live at quarante-six Blvd Raspail, across the street from the park that abuts Au Bon Marché. Know that area très très well. I used to run into the market and listen to locals order their food from the butcher so I could learn the idiomatic expressions. I didn’t want a chicken with the feathers still on it.
      You’ll have to be a guest blogger on your trip!!

  3. Biltmore Estate. Asheville downtown is a mixed bag of stoners playing the tambourine and great restaurants and breweries.

    VRBO for cabins along the way.

    1. We got pickpocketed in Asheville. Walking to lunch from our downtown hotel, we stopped to listen to a musical group. A pretty big crowd gathered so we left, only to realize when we got to the restaurant my wallet was gone. Lots of hippies. Be careful.

  4. We just cruised through on 95 to and from Florida, so I don’t have anything interesting. But I am listening and taking notes😎

    LA, really, Airbnb? I’m too chicken to try it!

    1. Martha: It’s the first time. An experiment in alternative lodging. The reviews for the space we rented were unanimously excellent. We’ll see!

  5. We spent a week in a rental at Sunset Beach on the barrier Island – to visit nearby relatives (on the mainland). It’s beaches, coast, sunrises and sunsets were all beautiful.

    1. I don’t know Sunset Beach. I’ll have to find it on the map. Thanks for the tip. Of course, we’re heading into peak hurricane season so those rentals might be cheaper!!!

  6. How long do you have to tour? If you are going to Asheville, stop first in Boone. It’s a great town.

    If you are Civil War buffs, in Durham, stop by Bennett Farm, the largest surrender of Confederate soldiers.

    I wouldn’t go to Wilmington just for this, but if your drive takes you there, see the USS North Carolina, the most decorated ship in WWII.

    The Blue Ridge Parkway is a must, but I am sure you know that.

    1. Minimum two weeks. Maximum four. Depends on nothing really other than how much I want to see and how pokey a pace I take. I expect to be the slowest along the coastline.
      Thanks for all the great advice. Boone is already on the list and will probably be the first stop. Then Lake Lure which I will use as home base for Asheville etc.

  7. Some years ago I spent a few weeks in Pinehurst filming a golf documentary for NHK. All about a NYC Japanese silk merchant/golfer who also lived on Club Road in Riverside, CT, and member of RYC in the early 1900’s. Filmed there too.
    Besides shooting all the beautiful Pinehurst holes, one day we even had a chopper, and scared golfers as they scurried off the greens while we flew really low!
    We also interviewed retired executive who knew our subject, Mr. Arai.
    He lived at CCNC [Country Club of North Carolina]. We got play there. It was one of the most memorable and beautifully landscaped courses I have experienced.
    I recall it being like a new version of Augusta. Lush with flowering bushes.
    You should check out that club and houses there. Peeps are charming, from all over.
    Great like North Carolinian Elizabeth Dole, RIP! Totally Repubublican territory!
    Pinehurst, is a bit corporate since CCA took over, same as Greenbrier. Nice to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.
    Go Tarhills and Foxes!!!

    1. If you ever need an assistant for your cool job, holler. I’ll carry the cameras.

      My parents had friends (all dead now) who lived around CCNA. Heard great stories about people from Michigan, from Ohio, from Kansas, from Delaware. It’s on my itinerary.

    2. My wife’s parents are members and residents of CCNA. Not only is it beautiful, there’s so much to do. Great group of members of all ages. Members can put up their guests/family at cabins on the grounds. If you need an introduction, shoot me an email and I’ll tell my in laws you are going for a looksee.

    1. I would SO TOTALLY do this. I don’t know where Mt. Airy is so I’m going to go look it up. Even if we aren’t there during the festival, I’d still like to do a drive through.

      Dare I ask how you knew about this????

      1. Anonamommy is right.
        i was trying to find some Mayberry RFD intel and discovered that Mt. Pilot, in the show, was in real life, Mt. Airy, North Carolina. it looks like Boone is about an hour and a half from Mt. Airy and Highpoint is about an hour away.

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