Is It Only a Matter of Time?


Oh boy. The Donald sure is making noise and attracting huge crowds. I have friends in Sandwich NH who are excited to hear him speak. Donald said that twice already he’s had to change venues in Mobile Alabama to handle the increased numbers who want to see him there.

Morning Joe’s Mika and Joe were both singing his praises today. Yes, Mika was impressed with his ability to capture the audience.

Let’s plan a rainy day guessing game:

Which Time phrase do you think best matches Donald Trump: You can pick more than one. Or add one of your own.

1. A devil of a time
2. It’s about time!
3. Ahead of one’s time?
4. Big time
5. Crunch time
6. All in good time
7. Better luck next time
8. Desperate times?
9. Borrowed time?
10. Legend in his own time
11. Right on time
12. It’s high time
13. Time is on his side
14. When the time is ripe
15. Time and tide wait for no Donald
16. Time out?

My opinion of The Donald is more run that by me one more time again than in the right place at the right time but what do they say politics makes strange bedfellows!

As an aside, who actually reads Time Magazine anymore? Two people? A graph in the Wall Street Journal shows how little sand is left in the hourglass for Time.

I don’t know a living soul who reads Time today. I don’t even choose it if I’m sitting in the dentist waiting room. Like most people my age, I grew up in a household that subscribed to magazines – lots of them…not only Time, but Life, and National Geographic. My dad read Fortune, Forbes, The Economist. Mom got Good Housekeeping. They both read Golf Digest. The New Yorker. Time and Life were particularly devoured – way before there was any 24/7 news and when a weekly magazine was actually relevant. Imagine that.

And in my own mad genius childhood world, I’d buy Mad Magazine and howl. I was such a misunderstood child! I’d read it and dream that I would be the editor of that magazine one day. This blog is close, isn’t it? It has a certain je ne sais quoi madness quality on days, right?

I actually read a lot more online today than I do getting the physical magazine. Mr. EOS gets Fine Homebuilding. We used to get This Old House but it became more frivolous than instructive so we stopped it. I’ll still read Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine but I tend to grab one at the grocery store or in an airport rather than subscribing. I subscribe to Architectural Digest and Coastal Living, using more the digital format on my iPad than the paper version.

ANYWAY, speaking of mad genius, wasn’t that a nice segue there from The Donald to Time?

My FitBit is arriving today so I’m holding off running a half-marathon until it’s here and registers all my steps. The rain looks imminent but we could use it.

Happy Thursday!

45 thoughts on “Is It Only a Matter of Time?

  1. #1 and #7. Not a fan. But agree Melania would be a huge improvement over the First “Lady” we have now.

  2. 10, 11, and 12. Donald is da man. His slogan says it all and he’s right as rain. Make America great again. Woot woot.

  3. I use Zinio through the local library. The selection keeps growing. For free, magazines are delivered to my iPad. We get The Economist, Down East and Country Life (UK) sent through the mail. Time? Haven’t thought of that magazine in years. I hear the word ‘time’ and think of the Rolling Stones song.

    1. Time is irrelevant a magazine. In 2013 it had Rubio on the cover with a headline The Republican Savior.

      The Trump cover is equally insipid. It’s only there to create sales on the newstands.

      That said, Trump is no dummy and is in this to WIN. Time is on his side.

      Thanks Dirk for the First Lady photo!

        1. @Mommy: Yes but non-residents have to pay $125/year to get a library card there. That’s a lot of magazine subscriptions!! It’s a fabulous library but not $125 great.

      1. I went to the Bedford library’s web site and didn’t see Zinio. If your RI library is very small it may have reciprocal privileges with a town that does have Zinio.

    1. Great article!

      The author concludes the presidency is beyond the grasp of Trump’s short fingers? Me thinks he also believes Hillary didn’t wipe her server.

      1. She didn’t. Presumably she paid someone else to do it for her. [Im]plausable deniability, you know, kinda like, I did not have sex with that woman!!!!!!! How that work you ask??? Simple: In the Clintonsutra, oral is NOT sex.

        1. The principals at the Platte River server company are speaking out but not answering the basic question:
          1. Why did the Clinton’s choose your company?

    2. I was a huge SPY fan also! I still have some of the articles in my humor file … “Colleges of the Dumb Rich” and “The Fine British Art of Freeloading” come to mind right away. And some of those “Separated at Birth” pairings were outstanding. I think my favorite was the uncle Munster & Tama Janowitz. Speaking of whom, I can’t believe she was such a popular writer. Meh. But she was a creature of the 80s. Too much coke and too much hair product = impaired judgement.

        1. Mr 85 — I don’t remember that one, but I can visualize both of them and see how that would be an outstanding combo

      1. I seem to be the only one of this smart bunch who hasn’t ever read Spy magazine. I’ve certainly heard of it and was aware that it was genius, but for whatever reason, a copy never made it into my hands. I can see I missed a lot of fun!

        1. i think the best thing to do is just click on the word “SPY” next to a cover that has an interesting image and scroll through (repeat as needed). there are lots of dated references to people and events that no longer matter, closed restaurants that they ‘reviewed’, etc. BUT, still a lot of fun and frolic (e.g. Naked City, Letters to the New Yorker) to dip into and out of.

        2. During SPY days, I imagine you were busy being a responsible adult and raising your children, and likely had no interest in a 1000% Manhattan-centric mag with deliberately poor print production values.

          O/T, but somewhat related, I just thought of a book you might like: Cheerful Money, by Tad Friend.

        3. A responsible adult. Scary thought!

          I’ve heard of Tad’s book tho not read it. About a WASPy family money? Am I thinking of the right book?

    1. Last I heard, Jersey Chris Christie was hung up in a big traffic jam on the New York side of the GWB. 🙂

  4. Maybe time to move.

    I know it’s supposed to be shallow to judge people by their appearance(s) BUT I cannot get over the stupid looking comb over & dye job, the wives who look like pole dancers & a daughter named Tiffany. I don’t want him for president but if he could just be put in charge of fixing the failing infrastructure he’d do a great job.

    1. His first wife was who he should have stayed with. Ivana was one smart cookie and had an extraordinary work ethic. She worked side by side with him, managing the Plaza Hotel. Donald got ants in his pants and slept with dumb-as-a-post Marla Maples (whose daughter Tiffany is rarely around and I think lives in LA). As for Melania, I doubt many men would say no to her. I know nothing about her so I don’t know if she can put two sentences together. Let’s hope so.
      Agree Trump would fix our failing infrastructure. His hair color was decidedly more yellow today than it was a week ago. He should let it go gray.

      1. Tiffany is in college at UPenn, and she’s been spending time in the Hampton’s this summer. She did grow up in Calif. with Marla, the single mom.

  5. I’m not a Donald fan, although yes … he can capture an audience. After all, he already knew how to do that. Capturing the audience is one thing, saying something profound is another.

    1. The other thing I think is fascinating is that he has managed to drive the media such that it gives him so much coverage he said yesterday he’s spent little to no money for his run for the presidency. He’s captured more than the audience. He’s captured the media.I saw a Tweet today that said Trump is CNN’s new MH320 coverage!! 🙂

  6. EOS at 7:44 — yes, that is the book. And yes, the WASPy family thing is the main thread, but it’s not some sort of “We Are / Were The Upper Class, Hear Us a Roar”‘ kind of book. It’s really thoughtful and humorous.

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