Dawg’Gone Good

Dawg is one lucky pup – she’s loved, bathed, walked, tucked under the covers at night, and above all, fed well.

I make all her food – a stew once every two weeks, using a protein (sometimes chicken but mostly stew beef), carrots, celery, and potatoes. I cook it just like a stew, for an hour or so until all is tender.

I usually take the mixture and run it through the Cuisinart and keep it covered in the fridge for her meals. I zap it for about 40 seconds, add some of the pan juice, and voila.

Sometimes I fork-schmuzz it. Either way, Dawg devours it.

Added benefit: when there’s nothing in the fridge for MY dinner, hey, we share! 🙂

I’ve been asked many times to make this recipe for production and sale in local markets, Dawg’Gone Good would be my brand name but it would mean finding or sharing legal commercial kitchen space and getting all the permits.

Would you buy it?

6 thoughts on “Dawg’Gone Good

  1. Yes, you should market this and yes, I would buy it. Love the name. Sell it at Bedford Gourmet, Scotts Corner Market. Maybe a couple of local vets and pet stores. Sell it in tall glass jars so people can see the ingredients. If you want my financial backing, hurry, before John quits his job, sells our house, and we are living under the sky in Montana!

  2. I’d buy it. Canned dog food is crap and even the gourmet wet dog foods are nasty full of preservatives and filler.

    The hurdle would be getting a license to sell it.

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