11 thoughts on “Peeps, Art, Architecture, Views, and Food

  1. Stellar peeps pix! Brave of you to try the new Whitney so soon after it opened. Was it mobbed?

    Tell us about those food pix. Where?

    Thanks for taking us to the city with you.

    1. Food from café at The Whitney. I think it’s a Danny Meyer run venue but don’t quote me.

      (A) baby tomatoes, white bean hummus, homemade crackers.
      (B) Nectarine toast. Broiled toast. Nectarine pieces, pesto, ricotta. EVOO. One of the best things I’ve eaten in a long long time.

  2. Super shots.
    Hudson River is amazing…wind, tide, current, that all changes by the hour.
    It’s good that you are gradually making you way downtown..

    1. I was with a daughter today who said she’d love to live in the meat packing district. I guess when you are 30-something and hip, it’s a cool place to be. I can certainly appreciate its beauty, and the views some apartments must have, but it’s too far away from anything else for me to want to live there.

  3. Great pics, the view from the new hotel room is amazing. It was an incredible sky at sunset tonight. Held so much orange color for so long. Very pretty Summer evening.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time in NYC.

      1. Yup, the family brought the beach chairs to the field behind the local school around 12:15AM and sat out for awhile. It wasn’t a vast number but we all saw a few. They are very fleeting. We need to get to a really dark space next time.

  4. Hi there. I’m a FWIW reader and found your blog during the CF drought. Thanks for the entertaining posts and fantastic photos! Currently a Greenwich resident but a former Battery Park City dweller (and a city girl at heart), I was reminded of how great living on the Hudson River can be – the only place in Manhattan where you can open your windows and hear waves lapping at the shore (instead of honking horns and sirens) while watching stellar sunsets over the water. Tell your daughter to consider the other side of the West Side Highway. BPC may not be as hip as the Meat Packing District, but man, those views…

    1. Welcome! Love your moniker!! Are you a red, white, or rosé winechick?
      This daughter lives in Alphabet City now, near her job on the LES. As you know full well, all NYErs dream of their lottery ticket pad. This one wants a loft with a view of the Hudson, but has the buying budget of what a loft cost in 1977!!
      Thanks for your comment.

      1. Oh, I don’t discriminate when it comes to wine color : ) Best of luck to your daughter with the champagne taste and a beer budget. My little sister moved to the LES ten years ago, lived essentially in a closet with a shower in her living room and rats outside her door. She loved it though, because that’s where all the action was!

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