I Found My Light Fixture

Subtle. Tasteful. Blends in with my other decor. Not in stock though. Only custom made. What do you think? 

FYI: In case you don’t recognize that chandelier, I moved over to The Palace. The Omni offered to move me, a second time (first room had no wifi connection and a broken end of bed bench) but I checked with the Palace first and they have a room cheaper, higher floor, bigger space, and great view of the Cathedral. No jackhammer. No construction debris removal. I said yes. Dragged my suitcase over here and have been going and doing since. Live and learn. 

9 thoughts on “I Found My Light Fixture

  1. Don’t laugh but I think a chandelier exactly like that would be perfect for your foyer.

    Kudos for moving over. Better than being unhappy. Swanton on tap to treat you to lunch?

    1. I made the choice 100% on my own to book at the Omni. Well, 95%. Swanton’s comment did sway me but she was explicit in saying she hadn’t been here for years. It is I who should treat her for all the suggestions and comments she posts.

  2. Aww, EOS, you’re too kind. I retract my comment that I’d stay again at that now forgotten hotel.
    Rather like returning to a favorite restaurant only to find the old chef is gone, the place is ‘under new management’, the menu is overpriced and underwhelming. The drinks are weak, too.
    Lunch is a brilliant idea, Dutch treat. We’ll pick someplace where neither of us has been before.

    It’s a picture perfect day, a good one for choosing an ideal light fixture. Everything looks better on sunny days.

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