Goodbye Number 16

photo from the New York Times
photo from the New York Times
News broke a couple of hours ago that Frank Gifford of the New York Giants fame, sportscaster too, died of natural causes this morning at his home in Greenwich. He was 84.

True to the class of the Giants ownership, they released profoundly beautiful statements today, noting Frank’s legacy and gift to the game of football. Frank was a class act himself.

And a look back at the an old ad for the sports package on TV, classic Gifford!!

I am sure the tributes will be pouring in and I predict the first game of the Giants season, or maybe the whole season, the other players will wear a Number 16 on their helmet or jerseys.

Tough loss.

14 thoughts on “Goodbye Number 16

  1. I’m old enough to remember Gifford glory days of football as it they were yesterday. I was living in the Northeast then, a huge Giants fan., even bigger Gifford fan. I saw him play two or three times, even got close enough for an autograph, but never secured one. I’m vague at recollecting a time in Gifford’s career where he got clocked by an opponent and was knocked out. Maybe another oldster here can dig it up.

    A huge loss to football and to sportscasting. Monday Night Football was the best. No team since those guys has come close to their knowledge of the sport and their entertainment value reporting.

      1. As a life long Giants fan, I have to admit that Frank and Chuck will be joined together in eternity. Hard to believe that with all of today’s NFL injuries, Frank missed the ENTIRE 1961 season after this hit. As another Central PA and Bethlehem Steel alum, I can only say that there is only one “Concrete Charlie”. His fingers tell a great story…..

        1. Concrete Charlie. I had never heard that nickname until Bednarik’s obit was in the Philly papers in March. Thanks for adding your memories.

        2. Not only will Frank meet Chuck in eternity, Dandy Don and Howard Cosell are there already. The old team will be back together.

  2. I was able to get Frank’s autograph a couple of time Peter. Just last March when he went to a wine tasting for Kathie Lee’s “Giff” wine. I would see him around town a lot when I was riding my bike in the neighborhood. I would wave, he’d wave back! It’s very sad, My deepest sympathy to the Gifford family.

    1. Good story Sound Beacher. I hadn’t read that there was a wine named after him. I will go look for some to toast the man.

  3. We met him and Kathie Lee at a church pot luck in Florida a few years ago. When they joined the prayer, all I heard was they lived in Riverside. My boys went to sit with them during the sermon after dinner because Kathie Lee had a dog. After I went down to introduce myself–didn’t realize who they were until the next day. My little guy had peed on Franks lap, and my eldest (6 or 7 at the time) asked if he could keep Franks ring. Um, yeah, it was the Super Bowl ring. Nope he didn’t keep it! They must have giggled at how clueless we were…

    1. Funny!!!!!
      KL talked about their house in Florida often and I got the sense they lived their time there. Although with KL job on The Today Show and producing a Broadway show, it doesn’t seem they got away tons.

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