Think. It’s a Rolling Stones Song


I go out and sit to soak up the sun. The clouds roll over me. I come in. The sun comes out. I go out and the clouds roll right over my head. I come in. I go out, the sun comes out, it seems too bright, so I go to open the umbrella, half the arms are out of their pockets AND the handle gets hung up somewhere and won’t open…then, a giant bug came zinging down onto my shoulder and scared me right off my tuffet.


I’ve come in and now the sun is bright, the clouds have moved away. Story of my day.

The End.

13 thoughts on “Think. It’s a Rolling Stones Song

  1. tough job being a real housewife of bedford?

    my umbrellas get hung up too; the cord wraps around the pole and then it’s too taut already to raise. pfizer makes something to cure that.

  2. EOSr –

    I think I need to go with “Strawberry Fields Forever”. I know it’s not a Stones song. But most Beatles songs are metaphors. Did you know that? IT’S TRUE!!

    “Strawberry Fields Forever” is actually a reference to John’s first girlfriend, an unshaved ginger named Lily. I will leave it at that. Or you will ban me. For good reason I might add. I could wax on forever, but I won’t.

    “Rocky Raccoon” is a racist song. Who doesn’t see that? “Hey Jude” is anti Semitic. WHO DOESN’T SEE THAT?

    The whole ‘White Album” is bigoted!! AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON ABBEY ROAD!!! MAXWELL WAS A SERIAL KILLER!!

    Who was your favorite band growing up? I really can’t decide, because I have never grown up. Even though I have sprouted pubes.

    But I am going Beach Boys. Listen to this:

    Who do you pick?

    Your Pal,

    1. I was not a huge fan of the Stones and quite honestly don’t even like the Beatles. The Beach Boys are fun fun fun but I’m 100% a soul sister. MG and TT are it all for me, this song I can sing verbatim today, the words engrained in me.

  3. EOSr-

    Brilliance can’t be denied. And if you miss the opportunity to see it, you missed a glimpse of life.

    So don’t do that,

    Your Pal,

  4. EOSr-

    And my earlier comment was not directed at you . It was a rhetorical question.

    I feel like such a homo on this blog.

    Your Pal,

  5. Rolling Stones :Hey,hey, you, you get offa my cloud. I would have thought it obvious but perhaps your other readers are a tad younger than I. Picture perfect day here along the east facing coast. If there were clouds, I didn’t see them.

    Regarding the debates yesterday- I was super impressed with Carly. The big kids debate was a disappointment largely because many questions reminded me of those asked at a Miss America contest. Carson was a witty and delightful surprise.

    As for the Caroline/Anonymous issue, I’m sorry you have lost a friend over it but I’m darn sure if push came to shove he’d be the one to depend on. And, I don’t know him from Adam.

    1. Right song!!! Not a cloud in the sky today. Not one. I’ve gathered the papers and have my coffee, fixed the umbrella, and am ready for a day outside.

      Today the NYT is doing it’s best to disparage Carly and all women Republicans as not caring and wrong on the issues. I feel so sorry for people whose only link to the news is the NYT.

      1. “Sympathy for the Devil” popped into my mind, but that wouldn’t be an accurate association with angelic EOSr.

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