Make it Go Away

The pop-up from hell…..

I’m happy with Windows 7, thank you very much. What Microsoft doesn’t tell you is that while Windows 10 free today, come next year, not so much. Why would I want to bother? I see no reason.

Lawn guys here mowing. Dawg fed. I’ve asked WordPress about the screen alert. Time to get the day moving and shaking. I might have to take a mid-day nap though if I’m going to have enough strength to live blog the debates.

Question: Do I report on both, the cocktail hour one and the main event?

16 thoughts on “Make it Go Away

  1. Win10 takes about an hour, but it’s the best way to keep your good win7 features. We can all be thankful even MS decided to skip Win9.

    Please whip up a big cocktail pitcher for yourself about 4:30 pm and have at ’em. Perry vs. Fiorina should be worth the price of admission.

    1. I am a huge fan of Fiorina so I will be watching the early debate only, just to see her mop up the men around her in one fell swoop.

    2. I had win8 and I kept turning them down on win8.1, Then one day it just took over my computer and downloaded it anyway, even though I didn’t want it. It’s an opt out if you can, did you really think we were going to let you kind of world.

      1. As far as I know it’s free for forever. It’s not like a free trial and then you go back to windows seven. Do a search on google because win10 has new tracking features that can be disabled. I’m not big on change but eventually there are a lot of disadvantages to using an outdated operating system as to what software it can run as well as security issues.

        1. Agree with you AJ on outdated OS and security. Good point. I just don’t see that Microsoft would be that eleemosynary as to give everyone a free 10. I’m inherently cheap.

      2. It probably costs them less than it does to deal with win7 problems. Anyhow, they make a fortune off of Word subscriptions. I pay $100 a year for Word and couldn’t live without it.

        1. Funny you should mention Word. I have 2010 Office, Word, Excel etc. The last laptop I bought came with a free (there’s that word again) 2012 (?) Office Suite. I said sure but when the year was up and they wanted $99, I went back to my old (and FREE) 2010 Word. If it’s free, I’ll take two.

  2. So how is planned parenthood responding to attacks on its body parts factory on Twitter? Seems they’ve adopted the old tried and true, I know you are but what am I approach:

    “Facts shmacks. Anti-abortion GOPers used bogus videos as flimsy excuses to attack Planned Parenthood—truth be damned:

    1. I predict the question that will trip everyone up tonight is about PP and Federal Funding. Hillary is at home in Chappaqua with a large bowl of double buttered popcorn, waiting for every male up there to say #womenlivesdontmatter. Look what Binders Full of Women did to Romney. It SUNK him.

      1. That’s what I loved about Ron Paul. Just when you thought they had a headlock on him from which there was no way to give a “right” answer and escape, just when you thought they were about to sink his boat, he matter of factly talked his way out of it with simple answers that stuck to his principles. Unfortunately Rand is not Ron.

  3. EOSr –

    I will watch the debates, and I really hope Carly does well. The support for Trump shows, I think, that people are getting fed up with “career politicians”. THEY ALL SUCK!!

    Hillary is an old grandma who believes she is entitled to be President. PLUS SHE IS A CRIMINAL!! Bush? PLEASE!! We need someone new.

    WE NEED CHANGE!! Bernie Sanders? We are really entertaining electing a SOCIALIST? 90% taxes? WTF? WE ARE ALL LOSING OUR MINDS!! This entire slate of candidates SUCKS!!

    And they never ask them any good questions. I SHOULD WRITE THE QUESTIONS!! Do you want to know what I would ask? OK THAN!! Thank you.

    When you masturbate, who do you fantasize about? (I think of Steph, BTW. Sometimes Kate Upton, but when I do I feel like I am cheating. So I try not to. But I am a weak little man)

    Does PP selling human body parts concern you? What do you think is a fair price for lungs?

    Why do you admire Adolph Hitler?

    Who do you like more? Blacks or Jews? And why?

    How old were you when you had your first homosexual experience?

    So even thou the candidates are bad, the questions will suck, AND NO ONE WILL SAY ANYTHING, I will watch.

    Your Pal,
    Rex Reed

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