I Know I’ve Been Blogging a Long Time, But…

Really, 46 years???

I’m ASSUMING there’s a WordPress glitch. Or am I in a Twilight Zone episode??

I’m late at having coffee, Dawg is circling looking for breakfast, and I’m scowling at the TV, listening to Josh Very Earnestly explain away Obama’s remarks yesterday that people who don’t vote FOR the Iran deal are just plain stupid. More blogging as I get my act together (she said laughing out loud!)

9 thoughts on “I Know I’ve Been Blogging a Long Time, But…

  1. The whole freakin’ country is in the Twilight Zone. It’s by design. Maybe it’s time to move your domain and hosting to some place that considers themselves to be a real business that charges for its services instead of the “free” WP arrangement that costs ten times as much.

    1. I’ve thought about that often AJ. The real downside is the free built-in WP tech support and more importantly, the WP readers and fellow bloggers who stop by here and whose blogs I read.

  2. if your domain was bought from GoDaddy, i think the glitch is not wordpress but GoDaddy’s. wp must sync their users godaddy domains into their database.

    1. Is that image real? Did Google actually ever really say “allow thirty days” or is this some clever Google spoof?

      A Google rep was on the news last night, reporting the top questions people are querying about the debates:

      1> Is Donald’s hair real?
      2> How old IS Kasich’s wife?
      3> Is Jeb related to the Bushes?

      1. ’tis a spoof (am i ever serious?). someone did a series of vintage internet ads just for the fun of it:

        who cares how old Kasich’s wife is? oh wait, she is kinda MILFY…

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