GOP First Debate: A Live Forum

IMPORTANT: I’ve started a new thread for tonight’s debate. Click here. 

I will do my very best to blog live for BOTH debates tonight. As many of you have said, you’re as interested, if not more interested, in the early debate with Fiorina. She’s brilliant and I’ll be rooting for her.

Important EOS Forum rules:

  1. Stay on topic (no off topic comments, please)
  2. No foul language
  3. Comment as often as you like. Moderation is OFF so comments will be posted instantly but anyone not keeping to the rules will be sent off to Moderation Jail.
  4. Bathroom breaks are limited to one per debate.

First up, at 5pm:

Perry, Santorum, Fiorina, Jindal, Dude No One Knows, Pataki, Graham.

Send this link to friends and family, even those progressives we all know and love – the more voices the merrier.

UPDATE after 5pm Debate: Carly won it hands down. Internet is on fire with comments about her.

UPDATE TWO. Greta did a Twitter poll on who won tonight’s early debate. No surprise who won but I am surprised Gilmore is so low.

111 thoughts on “GOP First Debate: A Live Forum

  1. EOSr –

    I promise I will abide.

    Really. I mean it. I am trying to fit in.

    Can anyone recommend a good mascara?

    Your Pal,

        1. I’d want to know what specifically each would do re the Iran deal. Also how they would bring jobs up. And would they defund Planned Parenthood.

        2. I hope they are going to cut off anyone ASAP as promised, if anyone starts rambling about everything, except the answer to the question.

  2. I will stop by as well. However will have a hard time with the one restroom break. Also will have to run fast into the kitchen for more coffee. 🙂

      1. National security is a faux issue with most if not all of the attacks being produced and executed by the FBI. I’m still waiting for someone to explain building number seven to me. If you’re worried about people being killed in this country, then take all of the cars and trucks off the road. If your worried about the destruction of our country, then halt the illegal immigration. Illegal immigrant is a politically incorrect term now banned from Twitter.

  3. I hate to be the cynic, but none of these debates or the resulting election in 2016 really matters, except as a form of entertainment. It certainly is better entertainment for the masses than watching Big Brother or those type shows. But it doesn’t matter because none of the candidates will do as they say and it will continue to be business as usual and none of them (except maybe Trump) will or can do anything about the long, steady slide of the US.

    My view is that Bill Clinton, with all his faults, will be regarded as the last good President (or emperor if we were in Roman times). Yes, there was some amount of the Roaring 1990’s helping him along.

    This century has seen 8 years of Bush creating one bone headed expensive and counter productive foreign policy war/blunder after another. Followed by President Golf Cart (to borrow a Bill Whittle phrase) who continued all the Bush policies and also managed to create $8 trillion in new debt that didn’t do anything except push us past the fiscal point of no return. I thought Obama was the last, best hope. What a disappointment.

    I’m probably too old for all of this to make much difference for me, but I do worry about the children.

  4. I will follow all the EOS Rules during the debate, except I may need more than one bathroom break per debate…?

  5. Where’s Regular Little Rock Reader? She’s a liberal voice who could lend another point of view. Hope she checks in.

    1. Good question. I’d be thrilled if RLRR participated because she’s a level headed liberal. A rare bread. Maybe RLRR is taking the Hillary approach. Clinton was just quoted as saying “I don’t think I need to watch”. I mean, really, Hillary is above listening to her opponents?

      And I’m announcing right now, liberal Carolyn won’t be commenting tonight either. She just penned me a very nasty email, and lit into me that I allowed Walt to call her names etc. etc etc. I’ve known Carolyn for 26 years. It’s tough when a friend so totally misunderstands a commenter like Walt. Not much I can add.

      1. Carolyn’s loss. Anyone who can’t understand Anonymous Walt’s comments has NO sense of humor. Agree with Peter though, it must be tough to get yelled at by an old friend. Is she unfriending you?

      2. EOSr –

        I feel bad about this. I really do. So let me try and correct it. Thank you.

        Carolyn –

        Why would you be mad at EOSr for something that I wrote? Your preference is censorship? I find that sad and disconcerting. If you don’t like something, avoid it. Don’t read it. And I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, and if I did I apologize. So give me a kiss. But censorship is wrong.

        And differing points of view matter. They are important. “Liberals” trying to silence free speech, via political correctness, is a real threat to us all. The fact that you can’t see that is truly scary. But I respect your right to do so. You should do the same for me.

        You don’t lose a 26 year old friend over something that someone you don’t even know posted on a blog. You really don’t see that? My writing can be caustic, but it is never meant with malice. Never.

        So in the words of the great Rodney King, “Why can’t we all just get along”?

        So are we all good now? I really hope so. It’s words on paper. Nothing more. And it’s not even paper anymore. WHAT THE HELL IS IT? I really don’t know!!

        Your Pal,

  6. EOSr –

    I hope this is within the posting guidelines. Pataki does seem nervous. And who is Jim Gilmore? Happy’s brother?

    And the blonde moderator is a hottie.

    Your Pal,

  7. My first instinct is that the debate is a dud – not because of the candidates but because of the hosts. Stupid as heck questions meant to set one against another. I want straight forward questions, policy, etc.

    1. Agree! I was unaware of Gilmore serving on Homeland Security. I am not very familiar with Gilmore, but it is nice to see someone up there
      a little older. He just cut Gilmore off. I did not hear a bell! Lee

    1. I love Carly too. She so should be on the big stage. She herself admitted that she has no name recognition because she’s not a politician. I particularly love that she’s not speaking as a woman. She’s speaking as a strong candidate. Thats what America needs.

    1. I was a Perry supporter. gave them man money. after he tumbled so badly last go-round, i was surprised he opted to jump in again. he is looking strong tonight.

  8. EOSr –

    Grahams suit doesn’t fit. Santorum just gave a great answer. But I think Carly was great. How could anyone vote for Hillary over her? It makes no sense.

    Your Pal,

  9. Coming up: Planned Parenthood. That should be interesting, to say the least. The hour is going way too fast. No one person gets enough air time. If it’s bad with seven, imagine how few words the big stage peeps will have tonight.

  10. Iran deal question goes to Perry first. Compliments Carly. Hmmm. Perry will tear up agreement.

    Carly love: she’ll call Bibi and Iran on the first day in office. I believe her.

  11. I wish Gilmore would have more opportunity. I am so surprised how much I like what he’s saying. I couldn’t have picked him out of a lineup yesterday.

  12. First day

    Gilmore: president shouldn’t be legislating

    Graham: restore the NSA gutted.

    Jindal: repeal unconstitutional executive orders. Go after sanctuary cities.

    perry: Iran deal torn up. Secure border.

    Sanorum: Ditto to Perry. Suspend and repeal Obama’s executives orders

    Fiorina: UNDO all of Obama’s orders. Go Carly!!!!!!!!!

    Pataki: He revoked all Mario Cuomos exec orders as gov of NY. Will do same with Obama.

  13. Hands down Carly should be our next candidate. Even though she never said dead babies. Besides that, SHE ROCKED!!

  14. Final comments:

    Perry: If we can do it in Texas, we can do it in America. Lower tax code. Spoke well and strong

    Santorum: Blah blah blah. Is he actually saying something?

        1. I like him better than Graham.
          However, I think he is weak on foreign policy and immigration.
          It’s still very early.
          At this point my dream ticket would be Cruz/Fiorina.

        2. I agree with AFVET: Cruz/Fiorina would be a GREAT and winning ticket. It would crush the Clinton Cabal.

  15. Jindal: We need a doer not a talker. R’s Must deal with immigration. Come here legally. Time to believe in America again.

    Fiorina: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It might be a good thing that Carly was on the small stage tonight.
      She is really intelligent and experienced and it showed.
      Calm, cool, collected, and straight to the point.

  16. Graham’s final statement sounds weak to me.

    Pataki: I’m different he says. Won NY three times in a deep blue state. Reducing welfare rolls. Been tested. Proud of leadership. Bring people together. Action has to begin. I will deliver for the America people.

  17. Gilmore: offering specific program to Americans. I have experience as prosecutor, AG, governor, real experiences.

    I was truly impressed with his night.

  18. Saw this comment on the WSJ live blog. I think it holds some truth.
    Republican owned Faux News questions for tonight;
    1. How much do you hate Obama?
    2. How much do you hate the Iran Nuclear Deal?
    3. How much do you love the Iran Contra Deal?
    4. How much do you hate Obamacare?
    5. How much do you hate Planned Parenthood?
    6. How much do you hate Hillary?
    7. How much do you hate immigration?
    8. How much do you love the NRA?
    9. How much do you hate John Stewart?
    10. How much do you love that John Stewart is leaving
    Sorry, that’s all we have time for, thank you and good night.

    1. I think that’s pretty close. I thought the questions were bad. I thought the tone of the questions was too snarky. McCallum particularly leaned in for some red meat. Overall, I give the hosts a C-/D+ and the candidates higher marks for staying on course.

    2. The Iran Contra affair gets a bad rap. When you think about it, it was a pretty ingenious plan. Plus, Iran would have used the weapons against Sadaam in the ’80s.

  19. Disappointed with the questions and hosts. Carly hit it out of the ballpark. Glad to hear the talking heads say she won this debate.

  20. Best comment of the night by Carly, a big dig at Trump.

    I did not get a phone call from Bill Clinton.


  21. EOSr –

    Are you starting a new thread for the next debate? I hope so. This one is getting to long. BUT CARLY RULED!!

    And Carolyn. CAROLYN!! Where fourth art though? Did you forgive me? Even though I did no wrong? And realize EOSr clearly did nothing wrong. DID YOU WAKE TO TO THAT YET??

    SAY YOUR SORRY!! It will make you a better human being.

    Your Pal,

    PS – And I spelled it right this time, EOSr – you disgusting little editor. ANONYMOUS! Walt is much easier to spell. And Carolyn, I WANT A RESPONSE and I expect you to make up. ARE YOU A CHILD? BE NICE!!

        1. Very true but my readers are a small bunch who I get to know by name, even all the Anoni. It’s confusing for newcomers I’m sure.

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