What Bedford Does Best: Horses, Narrow Dirt Roads, and Barns

We may pay egregious property taxes here in 10506land but I gotta say it’s some of the prettiest expensive land in all Westchester County. We are soooooooooooo lucky to have plenty of wealthy landowners who can afford to keep large acreage intact so the famous Sunnyfield Farm never becomes Sunnyfield Acres, home-sites for sale.

Hey, you, did you really park on the scary edge of Route 172 just to take my picture?







I like to complain about Bedford but when push comes to shove, it’s a great town and I never tire of driving around on the dirt roads that keep Bedford so special. Dust and all.

40 thoughts on “What Bedford Does Best: Horses, Narrow Dirt Roads, and Barns

  1. EOSr –

    The best thing about Bedford is the Red Rooster. Have you partaken of their fine cuisine? And did you know Michael Jackson ate there? Before he died, but after he molested children. IT’S TRUE!! Onion rings to die for.

    Anyhows, Barry is on TV RIGHT NOW trying to sell his Iranian anti-American deal. He really has gotten gray. Do you think that is from the pressure of the Presidency, or having to sleep with a Wookie?

    I am betting Wookie.

    And horses smell. But I like them.

    Your Pal,
    Hans Solo

      1. EOSr –


        Obama has no problem with Iran’s leaders screaming “Death to America”. It is “just rhetoric”.

        This President is BLIND to the threats we face. IRAN HATES US!! It is a fact. And please explain the US Jews support for this guy. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!

        Do you have a Jew reader who can explain this to me? And maybe post a good corned beef recipe?

        Your Pal,

        1. I’m not home to watch but even if I were home, I’d watch a rerun of House Hunters than listen to Barry.
          Reader GI Jew stops by occasionally- maybe he’ll read this today and share his thoughts on the deal and give you a corned beef recipe. Easier to run to Katz’s for their famous I’ll Have What She’s Having pastrami special!!
          Two New York peeps have said no to the Iran deal. Nita Lowry, such a piece of work useless representative but she did say yesterday she’ll vote no. One other. Putz Schumer is waiting for Obama to arrive in MVY before saying he’ll vote no.

        2. Ben Shapiro often has good theories. I follow his Twitter feed which links to his current articles. My Jewish friends are split. Some are skeptical of Netanyahu. Most are angry with Obama and think he’s sold out Israel. None of them is ready to go so far as to vote Republican though. Or at least admit it to me!!

    1. EOS, do you actually approve of this ugly and disrespectful use of the word “wookie” in this context?

      This country has become degraded by the lack of dignity in public discourse. Someone six years ago was heavily criticized for her statement about being finally proud of being an American. You know who made that statement. This discourse makes me think she should not be proud of the America we have become.

      1. Let me do some ‘splaining Carolyn. That multi-named commenter is as American as Apple Pie. He’s staunchly proud of his country and is a man who has a deep caring heart and an outrageously good sense of humor. He strongly believes that nothing should be off-limits, that we have become a nation of politically correct nitwits, and that Obama has turned America into a racially divided country with a media who walks in locked step not say one thing unkind about him or his wife. He hates that Obama wants us to say we are all alike, or that American Exceptionalism is dead. He uses his words to express his feelings. I suppose to those who don’t know him like many of us do here might think he’s off base or that his comments are off color, but to be honest Carolyn, he’s got it all right. 100% RIGHT. You need to trust me here and know that if I adore him, he has to be good. You’ve known me a long time and you know I haven’t a racist mean bone or anti-American bone in my body. If I thought this commenter’s comments were intended to be mean, I wouldn’t tolerate it. Hope this makes some sense.

        Those of you here who know Walt as well as I – am I right or wrong?? Help me out.

        1. Carolyn, Anonymous/Walt/EleanorRoosevelt/WalterMondale/Szeyu etc etc is a sane rational man trying to live in our crazy Obama upside down world. I can’t speak for him but I’d say He’s on a one man mission to restore America to a time when we can criticize everyone and anything without it being called racist.

        2. You are absolutely right, EOS. Terrific, fired-up, well-deserved defense of the multi-named commenter, too. Even his aliases are clever.

        3. Carolyn –

          You ignorant slut. You wrote, poorly I might add, the “ugly and disrespectful use of the word “wookie” in this context”?

          What context would you prefer me to use it in? Is there a way to use Wookie in a better fashion? Please fill me in. You moron.

          It’s called free speech YOU DUMB BITCH, and EOSr simply allows it, and it’s guaranteed by the constitution, no matter how hard the Democrats try and take it away. Don’t criticize her. Criticize me.

          You support a lying, corrupt, no moral center person for President. That tells me all I need to know about you. You are too dumb to get out of your own way, you have no sense of humor, and have no ability to laugh at yourself or others. I pity you.

          You probably don’t get dead baby jokes. Not that I would tell any here.

          Lighten up. Political Correctness is a danger to us all. It really is. Now go try an enema. It couldn’t hurt. Well it could, but that would mean you are doing it wrong. Just lighten up and laugh. It will make your life better.

          To EOSr and others, thanks for the kind words.

          YOU SON’S OF BITCHES!!

          Your Pal,

        4. 100% correct. WALT 2016! He won’t run 😦 but I hope the eventual candidate, stands up for Walt’s ideas, enumerated so eloquently by EOSr above. We should all be really, really scared about the way things have become today – where campuses are legislating trigger warnings etc… it’s mind bogglingly frightening.

    1. The most respected President(gag) said this today while pontificating. SUCH BS!

      @FoxNews: .@POTUS: “Hardliners chanting ‘Death to America’ [are] most opposed to the deal. They’re making common cause w/ the Republican caucus.”

      1. Readers of the WSj front page article are giving Obama what he deserves: the raspberry.

        JOE MASI 28 minutes ago
        Obama has shown that you can outright lie to the American peoples’ faces and not be called out in the media for it, at least if you’re a Democrat.

        Hillary is really the loser here since she still concerns herself with tiptoeing around statements to make sure they’re legally defensible. She should just start telling everyone how she ended WWII, forced the South to capitulate in the Civil War, and promise everyone a check for $1 million if she becomes President, since lies mean nothing now.

        Anyone that disagrees with the President must be vilified by him. What does voting for the Iraq War have to do with opposing this agreement?

  2. EOSr –

    I have never seen an American President talk to the Nation like this. Not that I am sure he is actually American. It was incredible!!

    He spoke like we were all children. He knows best, and he decides. Because we are all too stupid.

    And Israel is rightfully concerned. But he got 80% Jewish support? You got what you voted for, so quit whining. Or change your vote.

    But can you explain this? BUDDY HACKETT? Why? Why? WHY!!!


    I will never understand women.

    Your Pal,

    PS – and Jenna Lee gives me a woodie

  3. who needs politics with great pics like those (above)?
    no debates for me as i investigate the wonders of the TractorSpotter YouTube channel.

    (hmmm? could that David Brown tractor be related to Aston Martin somehow?)

    1. That website isn’t too addictive or anything. I’ve thoroughly wasted the last 62.5 minutes at work playing each and every video.

  4. before the entire post is hijacked by politics and wood, let me say the photos are beautiful as are all the photos over the years you’ve posted of Bedford – they really show its intrinsic beauty. Neat modern sculpture on someone’s front lawn.

    1. Nice route you took today – Narrows to Guard Hill to Clark?

      austin, the modern art is at the home of Leon Black – there are several on display.

      Had to laugh at the caption of the first horse photo. You took your chances that no speeding landscape truck would bump you off.

  5. Thanks for the memories. I too loved Bedford. A small glimpse of earlier times, preserved by citizens and especially homeowners who fight to keep the dirt roads and not allow paving. A few who resisted, as the song said, “to pave paradise and put up a parking lot.”

    So much beauty and history in Bedford. Loved living there. Now in the “less” beautiful south! Sigh.

    1. It’s very expensive to maintain the dirt roads. As you remember, they get like washboards after a big rain and are like Oklahoma’s Dust Bowl in a long drought. The town waters them then grades them and waters them and then grades them. The Town Highway Department boys spent a lot of time on Guard Hill alone. Coming down Guard Hill from The Narrows, before turning right on Clark, that section after a heavy rain is almost undriveable. But still glad they are dirt.

      If it’s any consolation, your less beautiful South has very very much less tax load. There’s a reason to smile!

      1. Yes the one reason we were happy to move. At least Bedford has some commercial business to help. Pound Ridge taxes are higher than Bedford as I recall.

  6. My very best (and very lucky) friend rode at Sunnyfield Farm back in the late 50’s & early 60’s. I believe it was owned by Huntington Hartford (A & P heir) at the time. It’s good to know it’s still there.

    1. Great story. Thanks for sharing it. I think Bedford residents would come out in full force if Sunnyfield Farm were ever to be sold. It IS Bedford – it represents so much of the beauty here.

  7. EOSr –

    I feel badly that I upset your reader, and SHE ATTACKED YOU FOR WHAT I WROTE!!

    But it’s a teachable moment that I think we can all learn from. “Liberals” support censorship. Why? I DON’T KNOW! But they believe that no one should ever be offended. EVER!! WELL THEY ARE WRONG!! It’s part of life. Censorship is for Nazi’s, not Americans. It’s better to be offended, than to not have the right to offend. Anyone who doesn’t see that is retarded. And shouldn’t vote. And needs an enema.

    I didn’t use Wookie to be racist. SHE LOOKS LIKE A WOOKIE!! It’s not my fault. SHE REALLY DOES!!

    When I ultimately have the pleasure to meet you, I will give you a hug and call you A SON OF A BITCH!!

    Now tell me, is that racist?

    Your Pal,
    Rosa Parks

    1. Don’t worry your pretty little Son of a Bitch head about me or Carolyn. I’ve known Carolyn a long time and even though she might not appreciate your nuance of certain words, she knows I would not be friends with some random nutcase. Carolyn and I agree to disagree on politics but I love friends with whom I can have a decent real debate. Carolyn doesn’t mince words and if she strongly believes something, that’s her right.

      1. EOSr –

        I respect Carolyn’s right to be retarded. She is good at it. Why doesn’t she respect mine? I am as good a retard as anyone. EQUAL RIGHTS!!

        Liberalism really is an oxymoron. And thanks again for having my back, and allowing me to post. I need a place to vent. So here was I?

        Anyhows, liberals support censorship, government control, and detest individual liberties. How is that liberal? SOMEONE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!! LIBERALS ARE NAZI’S. If Hillary, who Carolyn, the knotted vagina woman, anti wookie hater supports, is elected, I will lose all faith in this country.

        It will show we have no moral values. And I won’t vote for Bush. Even though I like Bush. No matter the color. But reds may get a nod. Even though I really prefer baldies.


        Your Pal,
        Abraham Lincoln

  8. Look at Chris Christie. What a dummy, letting reporters put words in his mouth — well, sort of: his words but with a new application, saying he’d punch the teacher’s union in the face. See, I told you he was a Fat F*ck, and FFs are easy because all they can do is throw their weight around and lunge at things, and then they get off balance and go down — game over.

    1. Oh, and buy my book because Da Swami told me not to bother him until I’ve sold 10,000 copies by January because I already know how. Oh, and BTW, unlike my comments, it doesn’t have a single four letter word in it. How did I do that: write a whole book without uttering a single bad word? By removing the F and the S keys from my keyboard, of course. Shit.

  9. I miss the old days of EOSr when Catherine would be the first to chime in and make a comment relevant to the photo. With her on vacation and Anonymous now holding court, it’s tough to enjoy your blog.

    I appreciate Anonymous for his wit and charm. he blended in well with all the wackos at CF’s place, but here he’s more a fish out of water.

    1. Everyone has an opinion I suppose. Yes, the blog was more tame without Anonymous, but it was also often labelled fluffy and docile. Anonymous brings a most definite edge. The best part of being a blogger? I get to decide the rules. So I say, Bring it On Anonymous. Life is too short for docile and I am too young (way to young actually) to let anyone who might be offended by Anonymous get in the way of fun fun fun.

      1. I love it this way – love the horse pictures and laundry machines and Carolyn, Catherine, and Walt. Slightly schizo but entertaining. Are we allowed to say schizo without offending?

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