Blue Moon

Sound Beacher took me at my word and photographed last night’s blue moon.

Taken at 8:12pm, Greenwich, CT.

SB, the applause-o-meter is off the charts. W-O-W!!!

15 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. These photos are some of the best I’ve seen this morning. I felt like I was standing on the beach with Sound Beacher. Excellent.

    Instagram and Twitter are ablaze with Blue Moon pix and hashtags.

    1. For a minute there, I thought this might be a cartoon version of one of Fredo’s little Hail Mary fishing trips.

  2. Be afraid, be very afraid. The House of Representatives just passed a bill to revoke Americans’ passports without due process. This will be very much like the no-fly list: you won’t know how you got on it and there’s no way to remove yourself from it. The weasels passed it with a voice vote so that there will be no record of who supported it and who opposed.

    This will make America an Iron Curtain country, not as an analogy, but very much for real.

  3. Applause-o-meter? Remember that show Queen for a Day with the clap-o-meter deciding who had the best hard luck story? I remember it well. Back in ’52 or ’53, I think it was when we got our first TV. Every morning the day started off with Kate Smith singing “God Bless America”; next was a daily dose of “Victory at Sea”, then on with the day with such offerings as “My Little Margie,” “The People’s Choice” and “Queen for a Day.” I’ve always wonder if the deck was stacked with claqueurs.

  4. I tried to take photos too but all I got was out of focus blobs. Thankfully SB has a better photographic ability. Beautiful.

    1. Tomorrow is your day to shine. I’m finally finally finally getting around to posting all the great photos you’ve sent me lately.

  5. Hi pard’ners. We’re still on our Go West adventure and loving it. In Utah now after meandering through Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming. The kids are begging us to leave Bedford for the mountains and live on a ranch. My Brit husband is even enamored with the idea.

    Glad I picked today to check in on your blog. Sound Beacher rules.

    Keep a place for me at the table until we get home.

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