Pretty Soon I’ll Have Enough for a Sweater


Gross, eh? Not Dawg hair. Not my hair. Not Mr. EOS’s hair. Ha ha ha ha. We don’t have a cat. Yet ever since the construction finished and the heat or air conditioning is on, puff balls of fuzz, fuzz with hair entwined in it, hair that isn’t ours, keep finding their way out the vent and onto the floor and under the bed.

It multiplies under the bed……


It has a slight blue tint to it…


A whole broom full of it…………….


We figure the a/c vents are full of post construction debris, maybe insulation debris (?) so we asked the HVAC guys to come and clean the vents. They said they cleaned them before running the system but it must have been cursory, not all the way through. My architect gave me the name of someone he’s used (because most of the duct cleaning guys are scams) and he came out and gave us a quote of $575 to clean it all.

Not an amount of money that will break us but in principle, the job should be done by the contractor and his HVAC guys. To no expense for us. Agreed?

It’s such a strange phenomenon. It’s not dust in that its tiny particles – it’s globs of something with long hair in it. Anyone have a clue what this is????

12 thoughts on “Pretty Soon I’ll Have Enough for a Sweater

  1. Aren’t you worried it’s toxic?

    I would be nervous enough to pay the $575 myself to get it done.

  2. Take another look at the construction contract to see how long the work is guaranteed. The contractor hired the HVAC guys so he should be the one you call. And, the one who pays for the proper vent cleaning. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

    1. The work is guaranteed for a full year. I am sure they will come and take care of it but the balking and yada yada or “I lost my cell phone and that’s why I didn’t call back” factor is such a total pain, I’ll probably pay for it upfront and get it back from the builder.

  3. I agree, your contractor should cover that. But who quoted $575? I had a quote a few years ago that was $3500 to clean/sanitize our system! And this guy I really liked he seemed very honest and on the up and up. Needless to say we didn’t do it, but I feel like it’s time now…

    1. Martha: I’ll give out the name of who cleaned the ducts after I use him, or email you separately with his name. He came highly recommended by the architect but until the work is done to my satisfaction, then I hesitate to mention the name of his firm now. The caveat to the low price is that he isn’t cleaning the entire house. The puff balls are coming out only from the new duct work.

    1. We think it is some form of insulation debris, not the foam insulation that was sprayed but there is some fiber insulation in places in the inner walls where we didn’t need the expense of the spray foam.

  4. Are you sure you don’t have “the borrowers” living under your floor boards.
    That’s more than a dryer vent collects on multiple loads. It is very gross, I think there may be some ex-convicts burrowing thru your duct work.

    1. It’s less gross than it is annoying. The “hairs” are like fibers woven into something. It’s disconcerting that it doesn’t stop.

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