Just Add Salt

I wore this new dress one night in Iowa, and true to my inability to bring fork to mouth successfully, I dribbled some shrimp sauce down the dress front within the first hour of having the dress on.

I took the paper napkin, dipped it in water, and began to dab the spot carefully. But to my utter shock, BLUE dye came off the dress and into the napkin and where I dabbed, the blue bled into the white lattice design.

I decided it was better to have a stain on the dress front than more visible blue splotches all over so I stopped blotting. Only to look at my hand that was now also blue!!!!!!!

I wore the dress the rest of the evening, 110 degrees in the Iowa shade, unaware that I was perspiring like crazy until I took the dress off and saw my armpits were BLUE and the dress was bleeding like crazy.

The dress came from Lands End so I called them yesterday to tell them what happened. Guess what? Seems they discontinued selling the dress because others have had the blue bleeding issue. Not good.

They said they would of course refund my money when I return the dress but I said I love the dress enough that I’d like to try and save it. Did they know of any way of setting the color?

Wash with salt! So that’s what I’m doing. Now. I made sure LE will still refund me if the salt wash doesn’t work (I’m not holding my breath). Yes.

Twenty-two minutes to go in the wash cycle. Photo to come. Any bets??

Well, what’ya know., The salt wash worked. It not only removed the blue bleeding, it got out the original spot.


11 thoughts on “Just Add Salt

  1. Glad it worked … but keep us posted on what happens the next time you wear it … and the next. Hard to believe the salt wash treatment is a permanent cure for the dye bleeding problem, although that would be great … who knew you could pickle a dress? 🙂

    1. I called Lands End to say that the bleeding has stopped, for now. Your point was mine to them, that if at next wearing I am all blue again, they will still accept the return. Yes. In the meantime, for my inconvenience, they are sending me a gift card worth half the value of the dress. That works for me.

  2. Off Topic, but in less than 24 hours, ALL — and I mean ALL — elements of the design of your blog have changed here on my iPad (without me doing any updates or anything). It’s still attractive and easily navigable, but the look is very different. Just curious, did they give you a heads-up about this?

    1. See the post called Breaking News, the one before this. I am still working on the colors, the background color, the type face. I have posted a question or two at the WordPress forum to solve the theme problems I’m having.

  3. thank goodness the salt worked. i was imagining a worst case scenario whereby the blue theme opened the door to a show biz career

    1. Since Dame Edna and the Blue Man Group have already found blue success, I figure the only hope I have for stardom is remaking this song, wearing the all blue dress…. 🙂

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