Dance of the Butterfly

In the three seconds yesterday there was actually sunshine, I was able to grab a few photos and a short video of a butterfly atop one of my coneflowers. Not bad, if I do say so myself!





Go out there and have a GREAT Thursday.

27 thoughts on “Dance of the Butterfly

  1. This is your strong suit, photos of nature. Beautiful. Stay dry today- storms on the way.

  2. Exactly what I was thinking Jane. These are cover worthy pics. Nice job! What kind of butterfly is that???

      1. Hey, look who’s back! The Little Drummer Girl. Where did you find her?
        No swallowtails to be seen in our garden, either. Fritillaries are pretty sparse.

        1. How observant you all are. I figured no one even LOOKED at the gravatar.

          She was hiding in the back of my eight trillion photos but I tripped upon her quite by accident looking for a scanned photo of me with my sister to post on her birthday.

          I wonder if swallowtails are on the wane for a reason? Um, climate change?

    1. I have not heard of blurb but there are many self-publish websites out there, my brother-in-law used CreateSpace with mixed reviews.

      I needed more control over the content than a virtual book publisher could give me. I wanted to touch and feel the paper, see a mock-up, move pages around, select the quality of the spiral binding – hence, I went for the Platinum version and used someone I know well, the guys at Katonah Publishing. I’d worked with them on a million church/kids school projects, I knew I was in good (albeit expensive) hands.

      1. The quality is what defined your calendar EOS. It was gorgeous and it was obvious you spared no expense. Please do it again. You made my Christmas gift giving SO easy that year and everyone keeps asking ” do I get a calendar this year too?”

    2. Catherine, I’ll have to ask my accountant if I can stand to lose that much money again. I basically sold them for close to HALF what it cost me to make them. Gulp. It might be cheaper to make them again because the template is done, sits at the printer, they know how it works…but….not there yet.

    1. Ha! The peripheral costs were steep too: setting up a PayPal paywall account, renting a UPS store mailbox for the return address, buying the shipping boxes. In my infinite wisdom, I offered free shipping too. I must have really felt rich that year. Pre-dual construction projects!!!!!

  3. I’ve been around your blog since pretty near the beginning and I see you’ve changed from almost all nature photography to something more eclectic. Was this planned or by happenstance? I like both.

    1. Without using the progressive word Evolved, I have changed the blog over the years, trying to find my natural self. I did like taking photos of nature but it didn’t produce a conversation. I mean, how many times can a commenter say great photo? It’s instinctive for me to gab about everyday life, about what goes on, whether that is the inane or the political or the beautiful – the blog has become an extension of how I speak. You know the blog, you pretty much know me.

      Good eye to see the gravatar changed back. I did that today, for no real reason. Just because.

    1. CC: You’ll be unhappy to know that many states do not tax teachers pensions. A dozen? Not sure. The only graph I found online was posted in 2009.

  4. In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

    ok. i think we now know the cause of the NYSE downtime yesterday…

    1. The media, especially Fox Business channel, isn’t ready to say it was just a software glitch. The butterfly effect theory holds as much water was any other I’ve heard opined today.

  5. EOSr –

    While I agree your photography is indeed very beautiful and much better than I could ever do…I can’t even take a descent crotch shot selfie… may I be so bold as to make some suggestions as to how you could in fact monetize your calendar, and have it become commercially successful? Thank you!!

    Your concept is commercially viable. Earth…Ocean…Sky. Things of beauty. I GET THAT!!

    But you need to spread your wings. Appeal to a broader audience. Not just focus on shots of a butterfly’s ass. That has a somewhat narrow appeal. To be brutally honest. Don’t you agree? It’s not for everyone.

    BRANCH OUT!! How about…STEPH ON A BEACH!! With sand, and sky, and water. All keeping with your original concept!! Maybe In a string bikini, with some sandy ass shots? Frolicking in the water? Without the homo son of hers feeling her up? With breasts meant to be mine? Even though she still hasn’t figured that out?

    This would appeal to a much broader audience, raise your price point, and make this a viable, commercial success. WIN – WIN!!

    I will cut my commission to 10% for this idea, because you have been such a kind host.

    Down to 5% if you can convince Steph to frolic in the surf with me, and use her twin life preserves to save me from drowning, while you photograph our romantic romps.

    Great idea, right?

    Your Pal,

    1. Genius. I could use the extra money this year too. The only glitch I see is that Steph frolics on expensive beaches. If you’ll pay to fly us to St. Barths, and foot the bill to rent a swell villa, I’ll spring for the film in my camera? Deal??

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