Up On The Roof!

The Carriage House is really taking shape, so much so that it’s ready for cedar shakes on the roof.

Mr. EOS says: The 4x4x8 pallet of shingles arrived on flatbed yesterday. I asked the driver how he was going to unload them and he answered By Hand. Right.

The pallet was too heavy for the Kubota but by off-loading some bundles on to two small pallets I already had, I was able to lift the remainder off the truck. But then, because neatness counts, I had to restack ALL 52 bundles. The whole house smells heavenly as the scent of the cedar stacked in the garage permeates everywhere. 

I did a lot of research before choosing these Alaskan cedar tapersawns, which I’m told are actually cypress. Fifty year life span which means I’ll never be on the roof after I finish this. Let the roofing begin. 

14 thoughts on “Up On The Roof!

  1. Great gangbusters. Building going strong. The 52 bundles enough for the whole roof?

  2. Love the look. Classic lines. Will the siding be cedar too, for a zero maintenance home?

    I see no chimney (yet/at all). Plans for a fireplace?

    1. I am in the process of shopping for new windows and am wondering what brand you chose to use.

      1. We chose Marvin for both the RI and NY construction. For different reasons and different lines/muntin designs within Marvin. Many pros and cons -people love and hate their Marvins. I am not a fan of their folding window handle. PITA, not to mention butt-ugly.

  3. here’s a newbie question: i think you mentioned in a previous posting that there is an older family home on the site. what will become of that? or is it already history?

    1. It’s still there and should remain for a couple more generations to come. It’s in a family trust managed by one of Mr. EOS’s sibs. The house has been in the family since it was built in the 1800s.

  4. OT: Lots of “technical glitches” being reported today. United airlines. NYSE halted trading. And WSJ has 404 error message. Can’t be a coincidence. Hackers?

  5. 50 bundles will cover about half the roof. The second pallet, already paid for, will be delivered when needed. Sidewalls will be white cedar. Lotta trim has to go up before all the shingles. Windows are actually Marvin Integrity line. New house next door installed the same windows, and there are some leak issues which have brought assorted factory reps out for a look. So these might actually be Marvin Integrity-Gone-Out-the-Window windows. Time will tell.

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