One of These Two is 71 Years Young Today!


How things never change. There I am, on the left, looking like the imp I still am today. The goofball, the one who makes everyone laugh, rolling my eyes at the big doll my SISTER got for Christmas.

All kidding aside, lucky me to have a great sister. Smart as a whip, sensational wife, mother, and Mimi. Reads more books in one week than I do in a year. We are night and day in personality, but perhaps that’s why we never fight.

Happy 71, sis.

10 thoughts on “One of These Two is 71 Years Young Today!

  1. What a great photo! So expressive, both of you. And matching bathrobes that look homemade! Did your mother sew those?

    My siblings are all “meh”, terrible rivalry since my mother died. My husband gets along swimmingly with his sibs, but they all still live in England. Easier across the pond.

  2. I’m looking at the beautiful real glass Christmas ornaments on the tree. Those are priceless today and hard to find because over the decades, most families lose them or they break. Hope you still have a few. The doll – did she talk? I had one like that where you pulled a string in her back – she had a record ion her stomach.

    Echo Catherine. Fabulous photo of you two.

    1. Jane – I don’t remember if this is the doll that spoke. I do remember one I called Noma, but she was more of a raggedy doll, with elastic bands at her feet – and she sang, with, like you said, a record in her stomach. I’ll ask my sister today is she remembers the name of this doll.


    Enjoy while you can – my brother and sister are both dead and I miss them terribly.

  4. The wonderful glass tree ornament Jane refers to … we can get them down here at “estate sales” sometimes, typically in plastic bags tucked away in a corner of grimy holiday bric a brac. Most people in these parts go for “decorator” Christmas trees (yawn). Mine is always deliriously tacky. I envy you all the tinsel in the photo. We had to give that up because the cat eats it 😦

    1. Tinsel. There’s a post for another day. With no cats to destroy, we do tinsel, but then comes the discussion – one strand at a time, a few strands, a bunch, neatly, or haphazardly?

      My mother still has boxes of her ornaments – some amazing ones that are stashed up in her attic.

      PS: I think you sent in a photo of your Christmas tree for one EOS Friday – right?

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