I Coulda Shoulda Bought PITTED Cherries


Yes, I know, I said I was on a blogging hiatus over the weekend, but when the subject is as deep and thought-provoking as buying frozen already-pitted cherries versus fresh cherries that need to be pitted, well, it’s worth popping back in, right?

One down, three hundred to go!

I’m making a cherry crisp, so many recipes from which to choose, so I “cobbled” (ha ha) together parts of Ina’s peach cobbler recipe but mostly The Tart Cherry Crumble recipe from The Kitchn. Of course, the problem is these aren’t tart cherries from Michigan, so only time and cooking will tell if it makes any difference.

I’ve bought farmer’s market peaches that already look perfect and plan something desserty with those. Any good ideas?

If you are cooking outside this weekend, chime in…. send me photos of your family BBQ, your family dog, fireworks, flags, food….whatever (almost whatever, Walt). Email them to me at eos friday at optonline dot net.

Earth Image sent in this beauty from Florida. Thanks EI!

From Brick: Seems all watermelon is seedless. How can we have a “spit the seed” contest this weekend?

From Sound Beacher:
Went for a long bike ride looking for flags to stick with the theme, here’s what I got

Flag bunting with flowers and a flag

Three in a tree

Quiz:  Is it Union to the right?

..or Union to the left?

Quiz answer

Really liked this eagle and flag

A sailboat all dressed in nautical flags

26 thoughts on “I Coulda Shoulda Bought PITTED Cherries

  1. Happy Independence Day weekend all. We left Florida to watch the PGA tourney at The Greenbrier. All we got was a whole lot of rain! Still, this neck of WV is gorgeous. Just really hard to get to.

    Saw this clever corn on the cob cooking method a year or so ago and am hooked. Perfect every time.

    1. Holy cow Peter. What a simple way to cook corn. The silk comes off too? Lately I’ve been putting it on the BBQ but that can get tedious.

      Saw the early rains at The Greenbrier. You are right, White Sulphur Springs = God’s Green Acre. Are you following any player in particular? Have fun.

  2. Cheers to who ever invented the cherry pit remover! Have a glorious 4th. Our plans got an unexpected turn this afternoon (no issues) … but must wait till morning for clarification.

  3. Hi ya’ll from Dallas. Here visiting family and stuffing my face with Texas BBQ. Texas is America on steroids. Everyone has flags up. Love it! May not go back to Greenwich, ever.

    Happy 4th to all my friends here.

  4. Peach shortcake. Buttermilk biscuits, sliced peaches, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Add blueberries if you have them. Bisquik works in a pinch.
    Peach Melba. Ice cream, raspberry sauce and sliced peaches.

    It’s a picture perfect summer day in my little coastal town.
    Happy Fourth to all.

  5. if you need fireworks, you can always turn down Andrea’s Con Te Partiro and add some appropriate tune for the 4th (probably coolest use of a drone i ever did see)

  6. Grill the peaches. Top with ice cream. Voila.

    Happy 4th. Looks like rain here in CT. Hope it stays away.

  7. Tell Brick to use your left over cherry pits for the “spit the seed” contest, or buy some cherries for that.

  8. EOSr –

    Happy Fourth of July!!

    Isn’t it amazing that we gained our freedom from the French frogs over 100 years ago? We formed a great Nation, built on freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, a free press, AND NOW WE ARE PISSING IT ALL AWAY!!

    Our Forefathers…Is that a bad word? Our forepeople understood the dangers of an imperialistic government. They built in checks and balances, WHICH BARRY HAS DESTROYED!! And we do nothing. Politicians no longer serve us, we serve them. IT’S ASS BACKWARDS!! We are 20 years away from being Greece. And we all know they are ass backwards. But wasn’t John Travolta great in that movie?

    Anyhows. ANYHOWS!! Free speech is disappearing, the MSM is a biased joke, and guns are the devils tool. All whites are racist, law enforcement is evil, Reverend Al is a Presidential advisor, and the President is a COMMIE!! And we are going to elect Hillary, just because she has a vagina? A women who should be in jail? This is where we are at?

    It frightens me. And it makes it very difficult for me to shoot bottle rockets out of my ass to celebrate today. BUT I WILL!!

    And you have TARTS at your house? How many and how old? Are they hot tarts?

    Anyhows again, off to barbeque. Will send pictures of my hot dog as you requested.

    Enjoy the Fourth and best to you and yours.

    Your Pal,

    1. I made a bet with my wife that any mention of tarts or cherries would bring Walt out of the woodwork. Love your posts.

      Happy 4th, dude.

      1. EOSr –

        This is a very serious topic, and one worthy of discussion. Indeed!! Very much like the still unresolved asparagus piss debate. Toonces? Answers? Comment?

        I believe…IN FACT I KNOW!! The best hot dogs are in fact Nathan’s Famous. And I do not believe they are kosher, even though they were invented by a Jew. And their French Fries? THE BEST!! SINFULLY DELICIOUS!! They can make you wet your pants and do the pee pee dance while you eat them. Have you tried them?

        And here is the hot dog pic I promised:

        And to fully answer your question, I am a BIC. Non Kosher, and snipped by a doctor, and not a Rabbi. Thank God. Who decided it’s ok for an UNTRAINED RABBI to snip the dick of a juvenile? The only person qualified to touch my junk are licensed MD’s and Hotties. A Rabbi? WITH A SCALPEL? PLEASE!!

        Can we talk lesbians now? After all, it’s the Women’s World Cup Finals tonight. and I am rooting hard for our Lezbo’s to beat the Gook Lezbo’s. It is not going to be easy, but I think we win.

        Your Pal,

      2. I clicked, worried, but I clicked. The link is broken – error message. Relieved.

        Walt, a BIC? I can see that. As much of a jokster he is, the guy has a heart underneath all the comedy. We love you “anonymous”. I have a feeling when Chris F. comes back, he’s going to need as many jokes as you can write.

        As for dogs, we’re all about the turkey dog. Non-kosher variety. BallPark. Straight up White Smoked Turkey dogs. Nothing better. My kids, 12 and 10, don’t know from an all-beef dog.

  9. WALT FOR President, write in candidate!
    Great take on the situation here in the ole USA.

  10. Patriotic group of photos SB. I would have thought affixing a flag to a front door or even the side of the house was a no-no. Isn’t it supposed to fly through the air?

  11. I’m seeing a heightened sense of patriotism this 4th. With a dash of anger at the current state of America caused by this administration thrown in for good measure. Flags are everywhere.

  12. It’s the inner boatswain’s mate in me that always looks to see if a captain is clever enough to send a pithy message with his signal flags when he dresses ship.

  13. The link was broken? Kindly allow me to try again:

    Does that one work? If not, I am a mighty douche bag. BUT WE ALL KNEW THAT!

    Anyhows, World Cup is on deck. Hot, sweaty lesbians running after each other, TICKLE FIGHTS!!

    What is not to like?

    These Jap’s are tough, but I am voting for our lezbo’s to win the tickle fight.

    Your Pal,


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