Oh No She Didn’t

Oh yes she did.

There’s not a mom on the planet who hasn’t had THE argument with a daughter that ends in the line go upstairs and change right now. OBVIOUSLY, Michelle didn’t get the memo. Where’s Joan Rivers when you need her?

Hellooooooooooooooooo, the First Daughters are vacationing in Europe sightseeing but all the while knowing what they wear is going to be photographed a million times. Wanna wear ripped tight white jeans? Fine, but do it when you are not representing the USA. Thank you very much.

I even think the shorts on both Sasha and Malia border on being too high, in my granny old fart opinion.


This girls, this, much much better. I wonder how much of a fight they put up to be forced to wear a dress or if it was just told by them in order to enter 10 Downing Street, one must actually look proper?

I’m not saying the first daughters need to wear dresses all day every day – but there is such a thing as dressing for the occasion. My kids weren’t given a choice when they were younger – the girls wore dresses to church. The boys coats and ties. I had a No Sweatpants rule, never allowed out and about, only for school sports and at home. We had what we called grandma appropriate outfits too, when they were meeting up with my mother. Rules are good. Rules are very good but of course, at some point, they have to decide on their own. Daughter E was just in Wilmington visiting grandma, and after she left, my mother called to say, she looked great. I loved the dress she had on! There ya go. All my nagging worked.

17 thoughts on “Oh No She Didn’t

  1. The younger one, Sasha, seems quite petulant and surly. I think she gives Michelle a tough time and basically says I’ll wear what I want when I want. The jeans are awful on so many levels – worst offence, as you said, that she’s out strolling the streets of Milan representing the USA. There was a photo in the Daily Mail of them coming out of a church is short shorts. When I was a young girl, as the daughter of a strict Catholic too, when we went sightseeing in churches we had to wear something on our heads, nothing sleeveless and I think I even wore white gloves at some point too. You aren’t the only old fart grandma here. I agree with you that some of the outfits Sasha and Malia wore aren’t occasion appropriate. Pack them when they go to the Vineyard.

  2. Some of the biggest fights I have with my girls is what to wear. Rippowam has a pretty strict dress code – the lower grade girls wear a jumper and the upper school girls wear a kilt so on weekends, all my girls want to do is wear something they feel defines their personality. I get that, fashion expression is a good outlet, but some girls clothes today are just plain slutty – run into any store at the Westchester mall and be horrified at what is on the racks. There’s no there there. Nothing left to the imagination. I’m not an old-fart grandma (yet) but I’m one in spirit. Agree 100% about rules for occasions – grandma, church, travel..the hard part is letting them wear something that they picked out that when there’s no rule to prevent it.

    Talk about a Glamour Don’t. Sasha does not have the right physique for those jeans. Malia might have been able to carry them off better – she’s taller and leaner. Sasha, no honey, just no.

    1. uh oh. did someone say slut and kilt in the same sentence? I feel an Anonymous comment coming on. 🙂

  3. I have to agree. It is becoming a struggle with the 10 year old, but my boys have to wear a collared shirt unless they are doing a sport, at the beach or home. Sometimes I am tempted to just give up with the big guy, but I shall soldier on in the name of respect…

    1. Hang in there Martha!! Boys aren’t any less surly when it comes to the clothing arguments. Just be thankful your boys are too young to have been around during the height of the backwards hat craze. The arguments we had were epic.

  4. Are these kids buying their own clothes? I doubt it. It never seemed all that difficult to teach my kids what was appropriate & where – language, clothing, manners & on & on. Thankfully it stuck. I just hope they’re able to pass it on to their own kids.

    1. Good question about who buys their clothes. I am sure the girls have stores lined up to send them outfits. Is there money exchanged, I think some. I doubt the girls have a WH clothes budget, unless it’s an event.

  5. White ripped jeans – where does Sasha think she is – Coachella????? I noticed of all the photos taken of the girls, cameras seem to be verboten from behind – perhaps because there’s a VPL? Erase erase erase.

    The older daughter carries her clothes better – has better taste in clothing too. Sasha must be the rebel. Michelle was quoted recently saying one daughter was always happy and one was always pouty. Not too hard to figure that out.

  6. I’ll guess the Secret Service agents–and don’t they look like they’re having fun!–probably block all posterior views, partly with their own bodies, partly with a contingent of other security that isn’t shown.

    This got me to thinking … I can’t remember ANY time I’ve seen a head-to-heels photo of the rear view of a president, first lady, or White House child. Sometimes, maybe, back-of-head-and-shoulders shots from pre-approved photographers in a very controlled environment, such as on a stage during an acceptance speech. Anyone else?

    I was very lucky in the clothing choices department with my only child, a boy. He had his share of t-shirts and jeans, but always skewed conservative to preppy, and understood when he had to wear a “collar shirt,” even if he grumbled about it. We are lucky that his build is on the small side, because when his inner snob kicked in (not an attractive trait, believe me), many of the things he desired (like Ferragamo shoes) weren’t available his size. Now that he’s off the family payroll, he can buy as many custom shirts as he pleases! 🙂

    1. The only times I can recall rear views, and always unflattering, are when they board AF1. Otherwise, your observation is astute. I can’t imagine being the detail for any first family kids, except maybe the Bush twins who seemed to love being out and about. I bet the Nixon girls were pills. Whatshername Carter was probably never let outside. Same with Chelsea Clinton. It’s got to be tough to be a kid growing up in a fishbowl. I’d feel sorry for the Obama girls if I thought for one second they weren’t as entitled as they appear.
      Congratulations on having your son off the family payroll. May he stay gainfully employed so he’s not moving back home next year.

      1. Yes, here’s hoping he stays employed. Of course, at 22, he thinks he’s bulletproof. And he doesn’t understand LIFO. But he’d rather set his hair on fire than move back to Arkansas! So even if we do end up supporting him again, it’ll be in a different time zone. More expensive, no doubt, but much better for our particular, um, family dynamics.

        1. It took a long time for our city kids to be able to stand alone financially. I don’t need to tell you what an apartment costs and unless the kid is in finance and lucky enough at 22 to pull in a six figure income, it’s impossible to rent an apartment alone without a parent guarantor.

          I think it makes a kid stronger and more focused to have been fired at least once in his/her life. They learn they are NOT indispensable.

  7. As much as I dislike both their parents, I have no negative feelings for either Obama daughter. They have NO control over their parents’ behavior.

  8. Teenage girls. Short is what its all about these days. The President always (except for the mom jeans) looks elegant and the First Lady has a young sense of style. Let the girls be girls.

    1. I think the girls can look adorable. And they are young enough to wear short skirts. My only objection was the occasion, being appropriate as an envoy. Yesterday they were wearing perfectly darling sun dresses as they boarded the plane home. I would have preferred the dresses be worn when they were shopping and the white jeans for the long plane ride home. Make sense??

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