Hey, You, Yes YOU, Outta Here, OR ELSE!


Caught chomping the English lavender. That’s the bad news. The good news is I watched him burrow into the hole about two inches from where this photo had him posin’ and stylin’. Say bye bye Charlie.

The other upside to this finding is I won’t have to defrost the sirloin steak for dinner tomorrow night. Mmmm.

The bees were busy today too – full in for the cat mint. I think I saw one bee nod and wink at me, saying thanks for being such a full service gardener.

Not exactly NatGeo photos, but bees have ADD. They absolutely would not stay still long enough for me to get an in-focus photo.


PS: If you aren’t watching the Maine Osprey nest, you should! Two babies. One egg that hasn’t (and likely won’t) hatch. Good parenting. Lots of fresh fish.

12 thoughts on “Hey, You, Yes YOU, Outta Here, OR ELSE!

  1. EOSr –

    Thank you kindly. Now that I self identify as Chinee, that little critter would be a tasty little dinner. As would anything else that walks or crawls.

    And now that I am hanging out with a bunch of little girly girls, and self-identifying as a Chinee, can I ask you a serious question? Thank you!


    Mine never comes out like it does when I buy it from the take out Chink store. It is always clumpy and stuck together. And I buy good lice, soak it for ½ hour and rinse it well. Then I use a licer. So what am I doing wong?

    It never comes out like it does when I order take out from the Buddha food store. Smooth, not stuck in clumps, and indescribably delicious. In that square little box with the little mettle handles. You know what I mean? If you are a Jew, I know you do. But I don’t know why I can only do this by take out, and can’t do it myself. The recipe is lice and water for Pete’s sake, and I can’t master THAT!!

    Is it possible only real Chinee can cook lice? Even though I self-identify as Chinee, will I never be able master this skill? If I change my mind, and decide to self-identify as brack, will I be unable to cook fried chicken or ribs? I NEED SOME ANSWERS HERE!!. I hope you and your girly girls can help me out on this one. If I can’t figure our how to cook perfect lice, the gooks may kick me out of the club. And I can’t handle the loss on all the plaid school girl skirts I own.

    SO CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME A GOD DAMNED PERFECT RICE RECIPE? I don’t want to have to change and self identify as Mexican. Tacos’ are a bitch.

    Thank you.

    Your Pal,

    1. As one of the girly girls here, we welcome you, O Manly Man of confused race color and cooking abilities. EOS covered lice cooking wong ago using her Breville microwave that was made in China so it instinctively knew how to nuke lice perfectly.
      Confucius say: blog with girly girls better than blog with pajama boy.

  2. groundhogs and/or woodchucks (not sure the difference) are very difficult to kill. they are slippery big critters that often require a kill trap.

  3. I hope Anonymous, known as Chinee, has read my post about Polo Ponies, so he can see Buddy Hackett astride a pony and learn that he could BUY, yes purchase, Steph’s clothing as part of an art exhibit at the Brant Foundation. Go back and look W, ahem Chinee, I mean Anon. So glad to hear from him, 60 days is a long time glad you’ve joined in on the EOSR front!!

  4. I’m available. Even though Waskily Wabbits are my specialty, I know how much wood a woodchuck can chuck – none, after I blast him with my wifle.

  5. We’ve used Muldoon Trapping in Greenwich to get rid of a family of groundhog. He’s great. He comes quickly and sets a kill trap. He charges by the animal, not how many times he has to come check the trap.

    1. Gee thanks No Name. I was just about to search online for trappers. I wonder if he can cross the border into NY.

      Update: Called Muldoon – think I woke the owner up. When I said I lived in Bedford he asked me where that was and I was so taken aback I laughed but he wasn’t kidding. ANYWAY, once we got the conversation going, he explained how the traps work, yes they are kill traps, so if you are a member of PETA, don’t read on. He’s coming Monday between 10 and 11.

      1. How many traps does he put out and how does he know how many groundhogs are in the den? The den must have more than one entrance and exit. If you blog about it, put up a warning sign if you take a picture of the mangled dead creature.

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