The RI Farm and Garden Report

June 1 and it’s barely 50 degrees here today. Add in the wind factor off the ocean and color me blue from being cold down to the bone. Alas, we didn’t get any of the rain that was all around the coast because we could actually use it. Gardens are a little parched.

Speaking of gardens, the local farmers are all planted, neatly in rows, not a weed in sight, getting ready for the summer season. One of the below photos is not like the others. Can you guess which garden is ours?? Hint: It’s downright obvious!



Yep. Ain’t she grand??

Special, this week only, Petrified squash.

The cows were out in full force nearby, Mr. Black had a definable glint in his eye in hot pursuit of Ms. Brown-White. We didn’t stay around to watch nature in action.


We’re thinking this isn’t the first time Mr. Black was on the chase.

Old wives tale? Cows lay down when it’s going to rain. Right after we drove by, it began to sprinkle. Maybe not an old wives tale afterall.

Hunkering down tonight to try and stay warm – I have to keep reminding myself it’s June, not November. Brrr.

5 thoughts on “The RI Farm and Garden Report

  1. I turned off all the thermostats last week but I may have to turn on the heat tonight. It’s in the high 40″s now and the wind is out of the northeast. Not raining at the moment but it’s raw.

  2. apparently the cows lie down before it rains to sleep, as they dont like sleeping in the rain!

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