Engineering, Earth Image Style

Major new town public boat ramp is going up, with a finish date expected soon. Just don’t ask what soon means. They don’t like that question. The new ramp replaces a vintage WWII ramp that barely held a row boat…now, anything goes.

It’s a marvel of engineering creativity, how they’ve vacuumed away the water from the harbor, and how they built a barrier of plastic and steel rods, sand bags et al to hold water outside the building area until they pour the cement.

I’m sure our resident genius on all things engineering, Earth Image, will opine on this project.











Now, if we had a Hinckley Picnic Boat…………………sadly, we’re only posers – all we have is a Hinckley mug and a man’s logo belt.

It’s cold and raw here today, we’re all bundled up heading out for johnnycakes for breakfast. Mmmmm.

Papa Bear order: full stack of five Johnnycakes with bacon.   

Mama Bear order: two Johnnycakes with one scrambled egg and two pieces of bacon. Did I say Mmmmmmmmmmmmm?


9 thoughts on “Engineering, Earth Image Style

  1. Interesting to see who is funding this project. Why would The Nature Conservancy be participating with the US Fish and Wildlife Fund? Is it state dollars, county dollars, or town dollars – and what was the budget?

    1. The project was coordinated with the Department Environmental Management and the Department of Transportation. The ramp is owned by the State of Rhode Island. I read that the project was costing over $200k, which to this jaded New Yorker, seems cheap.

  2. There’s a picnic boat for sale in Portsmouth. Since there are no moorings available in my little harbor, i have to pass on it. But, YOU could fork over a bundle and get it. She’s a pretty boat, isn’t she.

    1. No moorings here either. Decades waiting list. The Mr. EOS family had one when Mr. was a child – gave it up. In hindsight, not the smartest move but with no big boat, the mooring would have served no purpose other than to be selfish.

      Martha Stewart has a Hinckley Picnic Boat – the lines are wonderful. The boatyards around us are full of boats for sale and deals to be had – you know the old phrase – the two happiest days for a boat owner – the day he buys and the day he sells. We’ll stick with our funky canoe.

  3. In the 1960s, so many of my friends families had boats of all kinds – now, very few friends left who own a boat – whether sail or motor. It’s far more than a rich man’s toy – it’s become a really really rich man’s toy. The insurance, the winter storage, the maintenance, the gasoline, the permits. Lots o towns yacht clubs or resorts allow for a day rental. That would be my preference. Like renting a house versus owning one on the ocean. Leave the upkeep to others. I’ll come in, pay the rent, and leave.

  4. No offense, but johnnycakes, blech. They must be an acquired taste. I had them once in Newport, about five years ago, and gagged. The ones in your photo look more like crepes than pancakes. Is there more than one way to make them? NOT asking for myself! 🙂

  5. Guy Fieri of Triple D did a segment from Providence on johnnycakes. His wife hails from RI so he knows them. They sound awful to me too. Isn’t the corn meal crunchy? I don’t want crunch in my pancakes. I’ll stick to Aunt Jemima.

  6. There are two fascinating things in this post. Peter picked up on the first – the strange partnerships; it’s time to follow the money. The key seems to be the new “3P”: private public partnerships. More and more coastal projects will have to be paid for by “angel” dollar.

    The second item is the non-wheat approach to breakfasts: Corn meal for johnnycakes or buckwheat for crepes. Our family favors the latter.

    Talk amongst yourselves and I’ll get back to you with details. My favorite is the trifold crepe with a fried egg in the middle, slightly runny, with an addition of Virginia-style hickory smoked ham.

    1. I’ve tried (in a limited fashion) to follow the money. The 3P marriage seemed odd to us too. I’m sure I could run into town hall and find all the papers assocated with the project – the real cost too. It was needed.

      Trifold crepe, runny egg, and ham – oh my that sounds delicious!!!! Going to have to try that.

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