No, I did NOT Eat The Whole Cake And Other Miscellaneous Friday Tidbits


The birthday fun yesterday was perfection and all who dug into the cake (yes, more than one!) said it was yummy.

But today is back to normal, chore day. First up, Verizon. Here now because, get this, every once in a while while ON the phone, it sounds like someone is picking up an extension, it starts to dial, then it goes into a speed dial. Like this:

The Russians listening in? Of course, there was no way to replicate the actual speed dialing when the service man was here so he left, scratching his head, thinking it might have something to do with the security system that dials into the system every day to check. The mystery continues.

The GC is done done done done. Final bill received. Cleaned up, raked the yard, took away the porta potty, and ended not so nicely about not charging me for some things he should have. What?


And this hysterical item, from a friend in the city who saw this in the window of a downtown bodega. I’m taking orders now! Call now and we’ll send a second pair…..


Have a good Friday. I plan to post some more of IDAHO Daughter’s pix this weekend. Cos Harbour has already sent in some. You can too………..

6 thoughts on “No, I did NOT Eat The Whole Cake And Other Miscellaneous Friday Tidbits

  1. I couldn’t look at the dead swan. That is too painful to see. They are my favorite bird.

    As for the Handerpants, now there’s a great idea. Do they come in boxers, or only briefs? I’ve always wanted to invent a million dollar Shark Tank success but it takes an product that everyone needs, wants more than one, is affordable, and is easy to name and market. I’m out.

    Is the SubZero man coming today?

  2. YAY! The renovation is complete and your house is your own once again. Contractor is gone at last. (How tactful of you not to mention the things you were charged for but didn’t get).

    Weather is starting to improve here. No snow left in the yard. Time to get that little old miata going again.

    1. Well, there’s the little matter of the living room wood floor that could not get sanded and stained at the time the rest of the house was done. It has presented quite the major conundrum.

  3. Oh I know what happened, they ran out of sand. Isn’t that what they told you?
    My guess is the contractor didn’t have enough money left after his vacation to pay the floor guys.
    Too dreary a week weatherwise for any picture taking. The wild turkeys and deer I see blend right into the landscape. Looking forward to your photo weekend update.

    1. Actually, the blame falls on ME. When we emptied the house, even with a POD jammed to the brim, and what could be carried upstairs gone, there were several large pieces, including an important antique dining room sideboard, that stayed in the middle living room. The floor guy wanted to move things, and even the contractors peeps wanted to move things, but the pile was insanely huge – boxes of books, a leather wing chair, a two piece hutch that I said when the rest of the floors were done, he would move things and then he would come back. That’s when he got testy and said he wouldn’t come back. So, alas, I am the one who has to suck up and deal and get this done, albeit with a reasonable amount back in credit from the GC to do it.

      1. Sounds very much like what I faced in my city rowhouse when we were selling it. No place to move living room furniture but out. I even had an antique oak sideboard in there, too. The solution was to move everything to one end of the floor-through living room, refinish half the floor. After a few days, the same in reverse. The floor people did a fantastic job. You would have to look very closely to see it was done in two steps. it’s not an ideal way but it can work.

        You aren’t at fault, EOS. I strongly suspect it was the relationship between your contractor and his subs.

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