EOS Weekend: The 3B Edition

Birds, Buildings, and Beach

From Sound Beacher

Happy — a beautiful Blue Jay. Look how he’s craning his whole body to get at those seeds. That’s amazing.

Happy — a lovely woodpecker how pretty his bright colored head

Angry — those stinking squirrels! For weeks they’ve been unable to attack the feeder, then one day a new guy with more strength or smarter skills figures his was on. He’s been chased off 3xs this morning. We’ll have to raise up the rope or move it more right. This guy is jumping from a near by bush. We had to shovel the snow under the bird feeder because it was getting so high he could jump up. It’s a continuing game/fight.

One World Trade Center 1WTC. I’m still calling it the Freedom Tower. They kept changing the name during construction and I’m confused. I got this shot during a snow storm and it looks tall and gray.

Can you see us? We are there on the big screen TV in Times Square, NYC. It’s a Revlon billboard for Valentine’s Day.
St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue in NYC. It’s all cleaned and after what seemed like years, the scaffold has come down and the stone looks so bright and clean.

Meanwhile, back in Jamaica, there’s one soul who is a Sunday Morning sun hopeful…………..Not looking good yet. Heavy cloud coverage. And a wild pouring rain came down just now. Sunday Times puzzle and good book it is.


The lone egret is back – graceful as ever, scouting for food last night and again this morning.



I have a wonderful video of the egret but for whatever reason, it won’t upload into the post. I’ll try later. [Tried three of four times and video no va]

Happy Sunday. Who’s going to tell me what the new magazine section looks like. I read that today is the first week of a whole new look. Good or bad?

The Sun Came Out in Spades!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “EOS Weekend: The 3B Edition

  1. The egret is one of the prettiest birds around. Especially when they are aflight.

    No NYT for me anymore. They are way too crazy liberal. I worried that I’d miss the puzzle but conned friends to pdf me a copy. That’s about all I cared about anyway in the Times.

    Good EOS Weekend edition. Sound Beacher takes great shots.

  2. What books did you bring down to read? Hope the rain stops. I’d rather look at your cloudy beach photos than think how cold it is here.

  3. Sunny and warm here along the NE coast. Warm is relative. Means it’s above freezing- but not by much and not for long. ( I was kidding about the sunny part ) Lost the oar marking the miata’s location. It, too, is buried.

    What is the weather forecast in Jamaica?

  4. Catherine: I brought down 41, W’s biography of his father GHWB. Great read. Such a fine family. Mr. EOS brought The House with 16 Handmade Doors, a Tale of Architectural Choice and Craftsmanship.
    We have several weeks of xword puzzles. A New Yorker or two.

    Swanton: Amazing that the oar is missing. Talk about the proverbial going upstream without a paddle!

    Weather finally cleared up. Bright sunny afternoon. Tennis. A run. Baking a bit too. High doses of Vitamin D feel soooo good. [See last photo just posted]

  5. As always, SBeacher comes thru with beautiful and varied shots. Just as you and mr escaped winter, today I arrived in Grand Cayman to play with the pirates!

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