Good Thing I Know a Blogger

UPDATE 3:35pm: Well darn, the same pop just happened on the new iPad!!!!
I went into Stamford Town Center at 11 to see about my iPad Air2 popping noise. The place was mobbed but they took me promptly.

When an Apple techie called my name and asked me what the problem was, I explained, waiting for her to say, oh yes, we know about that issue.

Nope. She never heard of it, had not had any other customer come in with a similar complaint. I said Apple Forum had a long thread and even bloggers are talking about it! [see me, reaching to pat myself on the back]

After some discussion with the other team members, none of whom had heard of the issue, she came back and said she would exchange my iPad for a new one.

Out with the old

I had backed up all my data yesterday so once they handed me the new iPad, I was out of the store, waiting til I got home to restore. The snow was coming down pretty hard in Stamford and the roads were slick underneath but once I got north of the Merritt, the snow was next to nothing.

3 thoughts on “Good Thing I Know a Blogger

  1. Good news about the ipad. Mine is old, but hubby just got a 2 air, I’ll be on the lookout for that noise. We love the snugg covers in (pseudo?) leather. And thanks for the weather update, I’ve been debating whether to venture out (choir and library for the boys) or just stay in. We were stuck coming home in the mess on Saturday and it was very stressful. We know how to drive in snow, but assume everyone else is ready to slide into us. Makes me nuts with worry!

    1. I keep three of my four eyes looking at the rear view mirror, not worried about my own ability to drive in the snow, but idiots who are clueless.

      I also leave extra room between me and any car in front of me at a snowy or hilly stoplight, in case I can spot the person behind me struggling to stop.

      It’s actually snowing harder in Bedford now and come dusk, I suspect there will be some black ice.

      I just made a giant pot of homemade chicken soup. C’mon over with the boys!

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