I Can Suffer Through Most Inconveniences of the Renovation

Sleeping upstairs with noisy old heat, doable.

Clothes in random closets and boxes, doable.

Using an awful upstairs bath with awkward roofline peaks, doable.

Having a crew here eight hours a day, doable.

Living in a sea of dust, doable.

But I draw the line at being forced to keep my car outside. She’s indignant at the very thought. I treat her like a baby, better than Dawg (but not better than Mr. EOS), she’s always garaged, always washed, always clean inside, always maintained.

However, we offered the garage to the crew rather than having an on-site construction pod, but it’s days like today I cringe that the new bathroom vanity and cedar shakes are warm and dry and my car is shivering and getting covered in snow.


Funny, when I see a nice car covered in snow I always think to myself – don’t those people garage their cars? Uh, oh, guess I’m one of THOSE people now.

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