Soy Latté, Extra Foam

Renovation, Bedford style. Today, spray foam insulation.

The photos are pretty bad but considering I was technically banned from the renovation side of the house, getting any photos I say is a coup!

I’m glad my neighbors have a good sense of humor because these guys arrived at 8am!! The truck is darn loud as it powers the insulation through the hoses.

The odor is strong too but I was told I could stay In the house. If this is my last post, you’ll know why! Cough cough.







4 thoughts on “Soy Latté, Extra Foam

  1. So you did go with the foamy stuff after all. Beats horsehair and old newspaper any day. I like that round window. Nice touch.

    1. We went with a combo deal – 100% foamy stuff under the house (where there had been a combination of nothing and/or rotten stinky pink batting, and bat and foam in the walls. I’ll post more pix tonight. Still horsehair in north end of RI house.

  2. That’s quite a project there, especially ontop of the holidays. Are you a renova-masochist?

    Horsehair, great insulator, TERRIBLE allergen; and that’s all I have to say about that [in my best Forrest Gump drawl]

    1. The project was scheduled to start this summer, until, a week before demo began, I canned the sorry ass of the first contractor. Long story. I had to find another builder who I liked and who would take on the project quickly. They say all things happen for a reason because I love this builder and he’s right on target timewise.

      Christmas with everyone home is a bit like The Waltons, with all of us sleeping upstairs, some in air beds, some not even that lucky, sh-sh-sharing two bathrooms. The downstairs has only one room not under renovation – the kitchen/breakfast room – so our tree is there this year in all its small glory.

      Merry Christmas to all your family LA.

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