At Least I Won’t Have to Shower Tonight!

The pool garden is 95% planted, with the exception of six white rose a’sharon plants for the back wall that will be planted next week, and all new grass seed, which will happen early fall. Oh yes, and someone named Mr. EOS has an arbor to build for us (hint hint).

I dragged down a couple of water towers to make sure the new plantings stay watered, but not overwatered, and had a fight with the tower to get it to auto rotate, so soaked I got that I came up to change my clothes at the SAME time the doorbell rang and the HVAC repairman arrived to fix a compressor issue. Let’s just say wet white shirts are not as nice a look on a 65-year-old as a 20-something. I thought about explaining WHY I was drenched, but figured I’d only get myself into more trouble, so I let his imagination have a good time.



ANYHOOOOO, here’s the garden so far. Envision lush green grass in between the flower beds, an arbor with vines flourishing, and a seating arrangement somewhere, not sure where yet. Originally we thought the seating arrangement would go inside the center square, where the roses and lilacs are, but looking at it now, I might want to have the seating arrangement closer to the stone wall, looking at all the plantings.



Lavender and roses. Such a fragrant combination.
A fine new magnolia (and on either side will be three white rose a-sharon.


White Diana Rose a-sharon in the bed with the butterfly bushes and ornamental grasses
hydrangea and tree here have been in place since about 2003. Growing well.







Meanwhile, the garden that was new last year up front is doing great guns. Filled in so nicely. Love it.

It’s a lot of work gardening but the rewards are so long-lasting. Love it.

13 thoughts on “At Least I Won’t Have to Shower Tonight!

    1. I’m guessing 3 years. Things do well here probably because I do nothing. No feeding. No irrigation. Nothing. I let Mother Nature take her course, that is after the first year. I was up and out early this morning wrestling with the stupid rain tower. Finally got it to rotate properly when I hit the tip accidentally on the stone wall. 🙂 I see we have rain in the forecast for the next several days which bodes well for the plants and my temperament. It’s the tree and the giant rose a’sharon that are critical to watch.

      Luke’s wife Francine is a rose garden star. Proof positive: her own blog post shows us what hard work and love of flowers can do for a back yard. Gold star Francine. Anytime you want to cross the border to Bedford……

  1. Looks great! Do you miss the pool on these sweltering days? Re: the watering tower, Mine was an inconsistent pain to adjust, so I donated it to the dump. As a fall back, you might consider a simple-to-operate, 360 degree rotary sprinkler I’ve found on Amazon. I use one to water the tomato garden and it works quite well.

    1. Cobra, don’t miss the pool yet. I especially don’t miss the higher electric bills, the maintenance bills, the opening and closing bills, the cleaning bills….I never liked where the pool was situated to begin with and now, sitting out back, we now have a grand view of gardens and green. Not a falling apart ancient pool that was an embarrassment. It doesn’t mean that if we won the lottery I wouldn’t consider putting in a new infinity lap pool somewhere else on the property. Dream on.

      I have a Home Depot annex of sprinklers – rotary, the old left to right ones of our parents generation….I’m too cheap to pay for irrigation so I keep buying sprinklers because as you know, different beds need different kinds of watering. Thanks for the tip on the one you use.

  2. Sounds like you have quite a sprinkler arsenal with which to fight off dry spells! I, too, have a couple of vintage units used by my parents back in the ’40’s and ’50’s. Back in those days, as we didn’t have a backyard pool in which to cool off, I enjoyed running though the refreshing “rain” created by those very same sprinklers.

    Now that our kids are all grown up and out of the house, we only occasionally use our pool, so perhaps we should fill it in as you did and revert to those old sprinklers for cooling off! Should we do so, our neighbors might think we’ve seriously gone round the bend, if they don’t already.

      1. I’m loving my time off EOS. Today (4th July) Mr F doggie and I went early (before the crowds) to the beach in Malibu and I walked barefoot for miles along the edge of the water… lovely.

        1. That’s wonderful to hear Rosie. More than half the blogs I read regularly take a many month break every now and then to recharge the brain cells and as importantly, yo actually have a life outside the blogosphere!! Enjoy.

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