EOS Weekend: The Yes, I Am Alive Edition

Thanks for your email and comments – it’s awfully nice to be missed. Been busy, and what with the rain, all the rain, so much rain, well, it did nothing for a blogger who takes photos.

I’ve been remiss in posting these stellar photos from Betsy in Albuquerque; she sent them a couple of weeks ago. She’s up first.

One night short of a full moon in Albuquerque. It is a very quiet night, no wind, few clouds…..just breath taking.

Betsy says: My husband gets credit for this one. He used a camera that takes multiple low light shots and combines them taking the blurriness out.

Every once in awhile the mountains at sunset are spectacular. You can see why the early Spanish settlers named these mountains “Sandia” which is watermelon in Spanish. For just a few minutes the west face is brilliant. The skies are very smokey looking north from the city but thank goodness clear around us.

SoundBeacher emailed me too. Lucky you. Betsy and SB in one week.

When the weather has been good, it’s been very very good. Like Tuesday night after all the bad weather moved out — the day finished with a glorious evening. I just had to get down to the beach to see what it would look like with the clearing sky. Nature is never one to disappoint and here are some photos.

It’s a sailboat race

Sailors racing with spinnakers flying and rays of light brightening Long Island.

A fisherman out casting in the still water.


Sit a spell and watch the golden light of the setting sun

Evening at the beach just before sunset after a storm.
Sun scape

Happy Father’s Day one and all. We have sunshine for the first time since 1902. So today everyone is outside, soaking in the rays but alternately coming in to watch the golf. Go Phil!

7 thoughts on “EOS Weekend: The Yes, I Am Alive Edition

  1. Great pics as usual, EOSr! And a Happy Fathers Day to Mr. EOSr!! Hope motorcycle son is all healed up well and truck is back in service.

  2. That sunset and the color of the rocks/mountians is amazing. Thanks for sharing Betsy.
    Happy Father’s Day MR. EOS, enjoy the the day.

  3. When you get a chance, would you mind letting your readers know what’s up? You are missed, you know. We tend to worry when you are silent for more than a couple of days.

    1. Fair question: A little of everything. On the road. Working on the house, garden. Nothing to blog about. I had a couple of posts that were so awful I didn’t publish them. I’m still around. I appreciate the comment – the new garden is about a week away from being done and that will likely be the next post.


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