It’s a Mad Mad Mad Men World

Yes, I do watch the TV show Mad Men, and love all drama, the 1960s clothes, and archival actual news clips. But that’s NOT what this post is about. Sorry Don Draper fans.

Lately, a dating website called Our Time, that caters to those in the 50+ age group, has been advertising on TV quite a bit. I’ve caught two or three of their ads and was instantly struck by one incredibly glaring constant. Even the homepage of their website carries the same theme as the videos.

Watch all three ads….and tell me what you see, or (hint hint) don’t see.

There will be a test.

Test #1.

Test #2.

Test #3.

13 thoughts on “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Men World

  1. I see it. Am I supposed to say it now? I am sure I am right. Glaring. Awful.

    Thanks for your kind words Sound Beacher. You have a great summer too. We’re leaving this weekend.

  2. What fun! I don’t care if my reponses are way off base, I will enjoy the way things play out in any case. Unlike Catherine at 6:13, I have not had an “a-ha” moment. But I will hazard some guesses as to WHAT IS MISSING IN THIS PICTURE.

    BTW I’m 60, so I’m allowed to be, uh, brutal.

    1) no bald men
    2) no thin-haired women
    3) no un-fixed teeth
    4) no bare skin
    5) only one person even semi-pudgy

    But … there’s good news too!

    1) NO tag line, “Ask your doctor if ‘Our Time’ is right for you …”
    And, best of all,
    2) No frickin’ side-by-side Cialis bathtubs!

    1. Regular and Martha, and Catherine too:

      Martha hit what I was going for but Regular added even better stuff! Your GOOD NEWS was hysterically true!

      The men portrayed as over 50 could, in the eyes of the producer of the video, have gray or graying hair. Good luck finding a woman in those videos with a single strand of gray.

      So maybe, just maybe, the reality is that women do color their hair to stave off the granny look but pretty darn pathetic for a dating company to tell men that it isn’t OK for women to actually LOOK over 50.

      I’d be offended as a woman over 50 to be portrayed on their website. I can’t imagine why others haven’t noticed this and complained to them.

  3. totally didn’t see that but I guess men are programmed to notice younger women and that’s what our time wants you to notice too – that it is okay for men to be gray, but as commenter regular said, not paunchy, or bald, or have any flaws.

    i showed this to my wife and she saw it instatnly like martha and catherine did, so it is most definitely an ad campaign geared to men. look at the tv show mad men – roger is suave and debonair with his white hair but can you imagine had they made peggy graying or joan?

    good post.

  4. I am in so much trouble at home. I looked at your post and videos last night (I am male, over 50) and this morning when my wife turned on the computer, there on the home page, ADS for Our Time. I had some serious ‘splaining to do!

  5. Eek @ anonymous!

    EOS, oh no! I have the granny look and I’m only 45! I’m embracing my grey (about 50% now) and wishing it would just all go grey!

    1. Martha: I don’t think gray hair is synonymous with the granny look but I think this ad campaigns most definitely wants us to think so.

      Anonymous: LOL! I too now have those cookie ads on my home page. Very funny.

  6. The “Cooper” in Mad Men is the same Robert Morse from 50-some years ago in “How to Succeed in Business”:

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