And Minty Fresh Too

Mobile Groomer Bark Bathe and Beyond here now P1170051

….to unskunk Dawg – a three layer freshening extravaganza – starting with a mint mouthwash bath…

……ending with a lovely oatmeal aloe scrub. That’s more than I get at a spa!!

Dawg’s bedding has been stripped down, some pieces being washed, other pieces easier and cheaper to discard and buy anew.


This pile is hopelessly smelly. Trash-bound!

And here she is………………………in all her fresh-smelling glory. She must have gotten sprayed in the face as there’s still a faint Essence de PU around her nose but that should abate by end of day.

These groomers are the best – father and son team. Today son Matt was here and Dawg was patient and relaxed with him. Great job guys!

4 thoughts on “And Minty Fresh Too

  1. You’re quite sure Dawg wasn’t smoking pot while you were away? Some of the newer blends smell just like skunk.
    Good to have you back. Bet Dawg feels the same.

  2. I noticed a dog grooming service van driving around Greenwich the other day with a memorable company name emblazoned on its sides…”Doggy Style.”

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