I Nominate Dawg Next Treasury Secretary!!

Knick-knack paddywhack, give my Dawg a bone, and what does she do?

She doesn’t eat it right away and then go out and charge more on her American Woofpress card.

She doesn’t borrow against the value of the bone until her bone economy is trillions of bones in debt.

She saves it. Stashes it away for a rainy day. For her retirement. Smart dog.

Perhaps the new garden we are designing should be one giant mattress to stash cash!

By the time I got my camera I missed her digging the hole, hey, in my nice front garden, but I did witness her covering up the deed!!

Little Miss Brown Nose! And so proud of herself.

12 thoughts on “I Nominate Dawg Next Treasury Secretary!!

  1. Looks like she’s having big fun! Try one of these for her, EOSr:


    I buy them for our four and they go crazy over them. They’re mostly the same product so go for price vs. size and Dawg will never be happier. Our hounds actually prefer these over bones.

    They’re not messy, they don’t splinter and they last a long time and we have two very aggressive / powerful biters.

    1. Elk antlers? That’s a new one on me. The standard tree is Mother Hubbard’s PB bones and on occasion, we buy Bully Sticks, the good ones are hard to find and are $8.99 each (!) so we use those sparingly, especially knowing she buries those too! The burying is a fairly new phenomenon which worries me a bit – she used to eat, burp, and smile.

      I will give the elk antlers a try. Thanks.

  2. I’ve heard that burying can be a hoarding issue, a nervous habit. Has she been doing this a long time?

  3. Burying bones in the garden is downright civilized! My dog, a varmint hunter extraordinaire, wants to bury his dead chipmunk, mouse, mole or squirrel under the cushions on his part of the couch (all the better to savor his triumph, I guess). So far I have always been able to catch him in the act because he can’t resist showing off his trophy. But I dread the day when I will wonder what that funky smell is ….

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