It’s All About Me Today!

It’s Official. My Medicare card arrived. So too a pile of “You Are Old” birthday cards. But I’m living proof that 65 is the new 45.

I’m on my fourth celebration tour – one in DC, one in Delaware, one at Carvel yesterday because my neighbor’s rule is “when it is 70 degrees outside, that means only one thing – Carvel!”

Today, the party is all day. Life is good.

29 thoughts on “It’s All About Me Today!

  1. Happy birthday! You should come over, because in April, every week is birthday week! I’m 45 on the 16th, and the boys were born April 7 & 23rd

    All the best,


  2. OMG, Happy Happy Birthday. You no more look 65 than the man in the moon but then again, your mother’s photos, she no more looks in her 90s. Good gene pool!

    Happy almost birthday to Martha. 45 is a good number. I always enjoy your comments here.

  3. only today, in your honor, will I eschew my traditional lower case comments and wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! my wife is an april gal too.

  4. Happy Birthday. It’s a biggie. Might as well celebrate all year long. ( I mean, who gets excited about turning 66? )
    May today be extra special, with fun, family, friends and a dinner you don’t have to cook.

    1. Swanton: Thanks! I plan to milk today for all I can get. I thought about taking a Senior Discount movie but its so gorgeous outside today it would be a shame to be indoors for any of it. Tennis anyone?

  5. I’ve gone back to work full-time so I don’t get to stop by your blog as often as I’d like but lucky for me I picked today to peek in. Happy 65th. You are as young as you feel.

  6. i meant to ask – speaking of carvel, have they torn down the old carvel yet? you blogged about this a while back, that your iconic carvel is about to meet the wrecking ball. follow-up if you can.

  7. Happy Birthday, EOSr!!! I wish you many, many more. Looks like a delicious treat you’re eating. Not in that new car I hope; or are you “breaking it in”?

  8. Many Happy birthday greetings from me too EOS. That ice cream looks delicious – I’ve never tasted Carvel…naughty you eating something drippy in your new car!

    Its interesting that when my granny was 50 she thought of herself as an old lady who couldn’t go for a walk at the beach and would sit on the bench when we walked

    1. Thanks for the well wishes Rosie. Interesting comment about your granny. A lot of people are old by personality. Even when they aren’t actually old by age. I’m not saying that’s your granny, just being observant.

      Carvel is unique to this neck of the woods. But good soft ice cream. Mmmmm

  9. Happy Birthday! Have a great day and enjoy the gorgeous day. My snow piles are almost all melted. Yipee!

  10. Happy Birthday!!!! that photo of you is too adorable … and just shows that you really haven’t changed much … and the fact that you’re still loving your Carvel just seals it!!

  11. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Dear EOS,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Good thing Fudrucker doesn’t have a blog. ;->

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