About That Audi Survey….


Update on my previous post about the new car:

The Official Audi Survey came in the morning email pile and last night, so too an email from the salesman.

The email from the salesman gives clear indication that the dealership and maybe Audi corporate hold all the cards for his pay.

I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR NEW CAR. You will be getting a survey from Audi; if you can, give all 10s and yes answers on the survey. If you do not feel that you can answer with all 10s and yes answers, please don’t respond to survey. Please let me know if you have any problems, I will try to correct them for you.

My feeling is that his pay should be solely based on the fact he legitimately sold me a new car and his commission should be structured on that alone. None of this “10 and yes” garbage. It’s not right.

I took screen shots of each of the pages of the survey for you to see what was asked of me. Click to enlarge each page.









I gave the salesman all 10s but when it came to answering questions about the day I picked up the car – the confusion with the NY registration and also the not-so-nice “let’s reduce the trade-in by $500”, I spoke my peace. I predict I’ll be buying my next Audi in Rhode island! 🙂

13 thoughts on “About That Audi Survey….

  1. Sheesh, it seems like they’re almost a bit pushy in the note “if you do not feel you can answer…” but I think you did the right thing by commenting. That trade in price thing still stinks.

  2. I still would have ignored the survey. A car salesman tugging at your heartstrings? Do you really think he would have pulled that $500.00 stuff on Mr EOS?
    Chances are excellent that when you go back to trade in your 2013 Audi for a 2016 model that salesman will be long gone.
    And if in a week moment, with nothing better to do than answer the survey i would answer honestly. Wouldn’t be with all 10’s and I’d comment on being asked to either give 10’s or skip the survey.
    I looked at a little of the survey. They can keep the fancy showrooms. When I see one of those with a huge inventory, my reaction is let someone else pay for the overhead and inventory financing.
    Gosh, I hate shopping for big ticket items!

    1. This was a tough call for me Swanton. I had no real beef with the salesman and he confided in me that he was furious that the trade-in manager made him lower the price $500. I could choose not to believe him and assume he just wanted more money in the deal, but I think I’m a fair judge of character and his met my standards. He’s like a lot of car salesmen today – he lost a “real” job and in order to make ends meet, he decided to sell cars. And funny you should mention the salesman being LONG gone next time. The salesman I used for the 2010 purchase was most definitely long gone – so much so, no one even knew his name, not the receptionist even. The turnover at the entire dealership must be pretty big.

      I think I’ve disclosed this here before but one of my favorite jobs ever was as a car salesman. Yes, little old me. On the Vineyard before I went legit and worked at the newspaper. I sold Chevys and Jeeps. The first woman. Made lots of sales. Even won an award from Chevrolet for most sales in my district. But I had ornery customers too. Ones who wouldn’t want to deal with me, a woman. That was fine with me. I am no feminist. My boss, the owner, had to approve some of the bigger deals. So I knew going into this, no pipsqueak Audi salesman was going to pull the wool over my eyes. I find it’s always best to buy my cars without Mr. EOS there, then shock the hell out of them that I can (a) negotiate and (b) stand up for the deal I want. Like you said, I think they expect the man to come in and make the deal for the little woman. Mr. EOS will tell you I’m no shrinking violet.

      Long story short, I said what I felt was fair about the salesman and let the dealership have it for some things that went wrong. I hope that makes sense.

  3. Surveys like this are such crap, I can’t believe any actual “decision makers” find them useful. Maybe they’re just done to paint a picture for the gods at JD Powers & Associates and the reviewers for high-end car magazines?

    1. Betty: I can’t think of a car I’ve ever bought – no matter the brand, that hasn’t had some version of this survey. One sent me a dollar bill to fill it out. Maybe that was BMW? You must have gotten them too. No? I think you are spot-on about why the surveys are done – media bragging rights. Ads that can say “customers give such-and-such dealership all 10s. All part of the game Mad Men play! 🙂 Speaking of which, the new season starts soon!

      1. Japanese talking words.
        Honto means really.
        Response to any question.
        Like where’s the taxi? Or my father just died.

  4. Forget the survey. What do you think of your new car? And I thought we we going to meet Ginger last weekend.

    1. Love the new car. She got her first car wash today.
      Good memory about meeting Ginger. We were together a ton, each time one or both of us said, take a photo for the blog……. and I came home with not one photo of her. How that happened I’m not sure. If The Donald were around, he’d say to me: you’re fired!!!!
      I’ll have to think of plan B. Sorry.

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