Yes, But……


….it seems I overlooked Helios in my prayers.

We are in the middle of a raaaaaaather lousy weather pattern. Rain last night, and lots of it, brought dinner indoors. The howling wind meant breakfast today was also under cover of the portico and not on the terrace but the rain has stopped. The surf is still loud and rough. You can assume correctly we will not be on the glass bottom boat outing today.

No complaints – it still trumps snow any day!!

6 thoughts on “Yes, But……

  1. Yep, I guess you did, EOSr but you won’t get any sympathy from me! High of 23 and partly sunny today here. “Jamaican” me envious nonetheless.

    1. AA: That’s a phrase worthy of a needlepoint pillow! And a good life motto! The sun is bright today and we are ruing tomorrow afternoon as we board a Jet Blue flight home. But today is today and we shall enjoy it with gusto!

  2. Just curious (okay, just nosy) here … Is it just you and Mr EOS, or is there extended clan involved? If so, how are they entertaining themselves?

    1. RLRR: Just the two of us old fogies! The kids have this funny thing they do every day – work! 🙂 We’d love to have everyone here and that’s the eventual plan when each one’s job is settled enough that we can rent a house for two weeks in February or March and they can come and go as they can.

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