Well, Well, Well. Peeps AND European Beef!

On our way to the golf course, we saw a “string of poloponies*” headed into the ocean with tourists aboard (no one else would do this other than tourists!). Seemed (a) stupid to us and (b) almost cruel for the horses.

One horse balked quite a bit and reared, as if to say, geez folks, people riding horses…in the ocean? Whose idea was this anyway? We didn’t stay too long to watch. We had a tee time to meet.





*In case you didn’t get he gist of the quote, it means you aren’t old enough to remember this classic Honeymooners moment.

6 thoughts on “Well, Well, Well. Peeps AND European Beef!

  1. Remember the old Nissan pick up truck ad? “Dogs love trucks” ?

    New variation on the theme: “Ponies love Half Moon Bay”

  2. Best EOS peeps shots ever.
    Just as funny as Senor E’s BZ bikini shot.
    Please go climb the DR Falls…

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