Take a Gander at These Old Photos

Another good find from the archives of my father’s slides.

Gander, Newfoundland airport, 1961


Unknown locale, slides aren’t even dated, they are that early, but sure looks cold and lots of ice. You think that’s an otter in the ice floe?


Then, incredibly, photos from Rio, circa 1968. I have to go look at ours from last year and compare the skyline.






Finally, Switzerland, dated 1961.


15 thoughts on “Take a Gander at These Old Photos

  1. Love these!! I’ll bet Rio has changed so dramatically — and I always remember Gander as the airport that took all the planes from Europe and Asia that were grounded after 9/11. I saw a really moving documentary about it!

    1. Would love to know the name of the documentary of you remember.

      I’ve landed in Gander myself. Not a good experience. Plane needed refueling on return from overseas flight. Not enough gas to make it back to JFK. Gulp. Had to wait a while to get the gasoline but it was sure better than the alternative.

  2. This is always one of my favorite kinds of posts. Your dad sure had a good eye. And travelled alot too!

    Got brisket for the crockpot??? Could be a long snowy weekend. Stay warm.

  3. ALL uber Mise en scène kodachrome shots…
    And, absolutlkie National Geographickey vintage worthy!.
    Time machine and old school.

  4. Enjoyed seeing your dad’s photos. Talked to niece in Penn. this morning and they are preparing for the storm. Take care and stay warm.

  5. I’ve also seen the documentary on the planes landing in tiny Gander Newfoundland and how kindly they treated all those strangers. Many long time friendships were formed.

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