The Paws That Refreshes?

Oh brother, can you believe Dawg is getting a spa morning??? The older Dawg gets, the more nervous she is at the groomer, the more anxious she gets being bathed. Literally, she sits and shakes.


So why not bring the groomer here? Bark, Bathe, and Beyond is parked in the driveway, with Dawg inside getting a bath, nails trimmed and a general cleaning and spiffing. Considering Dawg’s favorite pastime is rolling in deer poop, a bath is a welcome gift – for us!

She went into the van willingly, with a dog treat as a lure (sucker!) I’m hoping she’ll come bounding out of the van singing I Feel Pretty, not crying Hank William’s Your Cheatin’ Heart!

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Wow, that was fabulous. In under an hour, Dawg smells like rose water, her nails aren’t ruining the floors, her ears are clean, and Matt, the groomer, said she was calm and relaxed the whole time. Great news.

Here she is, stylin’ and profilin’:




6 thoughts on “The Paws That Refreshes?

  1. I’ll have what she’s having! If a mobile dog grooming van is less stressful than a normal dog grooming setting, there must be something special about it. So, I’m having a 70s flashback. Motown on the stereo? Fondue bubbling? Spider plants on the window sills? Corvoisier in the snifters?

  2. Betty: I’d sure like to have my hair and nails done without sitting in a salon too. I did not go into the van myself but I do believe your assumptions of decor and music are correct – Dawg was whistling R-E-S=P-E-C-T when she came inside. 🙂

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