The Tree Is All Twinkly. The Chimes Are All Tinkly.

[Ed. Note: Despite, or maybe because of, all the horrible news happening, I wanted to post something light and seasonal, EOS-like]

Our tree is up and lit. The decorations (and tinsel if I get my way!) will wait until the children come home.


I have a bone to pick with the tree lighting manufacturer, Phillips. We bought a couple replacement strands this year, what I thought was identical to the old ones but come to find out, not only are the bulbs smaller, but they’ve added PURPLE as a strand color. Nothing says Christmas like purple?! It’s a horrid color on the strand and once this tree comes down, those strands (the two at the bottom of the tree – you can see the purple ones easily!) will be donated somewhere to someone who either loves purple or is color blind!

Then there was the matter of the pathetic wind chime outside. Can’t chime with one pipe!! It was so old and beat, with pieces all over the front porch. Very sad chimeless chime.




So I bought myself a Christmas present. A Woodstock Gregorian Alto Chime. Cool website with a Sound Room tab to hear each chime before ordering. I debated between the Amazing Grace chime and the one I bought, the Gregorian. Truth be told, they all sound alike to me.

And when I put up this video, it reminded me of one of the very first posts I had on this site. Chimes from our Rhode Island neighbor on a windy day. I love this video and some days, for the heck of it, listen to it for no reason. It was before I poneyed up money to WordPress to have my own videos so this was posted on my YouTube Channel.

9 thoughts on “The Tree Is All Twinkly. The Chimes Are All Tinkly.

  1. I love purple for Christmas! I’m on a mission to find fun Christmas mugs that aren’t red-not having much luck.

    Merry Christmas to you!

    1. I ordinarily love purple, deep rich purples can be exquisite. I was just not expecting it on Christmas lights. And because the lights are LED, the purple is more neon than anything. No real sense of a color like the reds and greens are.
      Good luck on your hunt. And merry Christmas.

  2. Are your lights the kind that have little bulbs with twist-off colored covers? Then you could swap for a different color or have a white light instead. Our tree has all white lights and LOTS of tinsel! It lives in the back of a closet most of the year.

    1. Ooooooohhhhhhh. Clever idea. I have two boxes leftover and will go now to swap out purple for the other colors. That might leave me with a strand of all purple for next year. Martha? It can be yours if you want to go with the mugs!!

  3. Christmas trees with all white lights,elegant and lovely, seem to be the norm where I live but I prefer the old-fashioned, multicolored lights. Blue, green, red and white. No purple, no teal, no magenta. I want to see a tree decorated with the macaroni ornaments made by kindergartners years ago. Who cares if some of the gold sprayed pasta fell off. The tree should have an assortment of ornaments collected or handed down over the years. I like tinsel and icicles, too.
    I think your tree is beautiful, EOS. I can hardly see those purple bulbs but I know that to you they stand out like so many sore thumbs.

    1. I’m with you. I can appreciate white lights on others trees but for me, colors. Do you know how hard the non LED lights are to find anymore? Without purple? Whoever thought LED lights were pretty is sorely mistaken. Sorely.

      And we still HAVE our macaroni ornaments from kindergarten days. Just the very very best ones on the tree. Also, I still have my childhood Christmas stocking, hand cut red felt!!

      Once we decorate the tree, I agree that the purple lights will disappear into the background. For now…………..ouch.

      Merry Christmas!

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